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These People Made a Big Mistake. You Might Be Making A Bigger One.

Harry and Elizabeth Hanon

Harry and Elizabeth Hanon

Donald Keough lived with his wife and 5 kids in Omaha, right across the street from Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett was just getting started in his career as an investor and hadn’t yet built Berkshire Hathaway into the financial empire it is today. All his neighbors knew was that Warren was this newly married who didn’t leave every morning for work.

Mr. Keough told the New York Magazine that one day Warren stopped by the house and asked him how he was going to educate his kids. “I told him I planned to work hard and see what happened,” said Mr. Keough. “Warren said that if I gave him $5000 he’d probably do better.”

“My wife and I talked it over, but we figured we didn’t know what this guy even did for a living, how could we give him $5,000? We’ve been kicking ourselves ever since. I mean, if we had given him the dough, we could have owned a college by now.” Oops.

“When I Get to Heaven I’m Not Stopping to Be Interviewed”

If former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is (a) anything approaching serious and (b) correct, then we all need to listen carefully. And that’s not an exaggeration. Why do I say that? This arresting paragraph about Hizzonor’s views on heaven comes at the close of a recent New York Times article: But if [Bloomberg]

To Wipe Away Tears, God Must Judge

Sometimes I read my Bible and think, “How in the world does this make sense?” For example, Isaiah 25, is mind-bending blend of God’s judgment and salvation. Condemnation and joy. Justice and exoneration. Gavel cracks and clinking glasses. Courtrooms and feasting halls. I’ll give you two examples. First, destruction, “For you have made the city