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What gets the attention of an unbelieving world?

Generally speaking, I really enjoy serving my family. One of my favorite ways to do this is by cooking homemade meals. I don’t have many hobbies and I’m not particularly gifted in the practical arts; I can’t even whittle, let alone build anything with wood, I can’t sew beyond replacing a button on a shirt,

Setting Aside Division, Uniting to Love and Serve our Neighbors

Daniel 2:20-21 (ESV) Daniel answered and said: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might. He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” Jeremiah 29:7 But seek the welfare of the

True Story: Investing in God’s Kingdom Yields 1000% Return

Like most others, I am regularly tempted to be distracted away from the more-important things in life – i.e. other people and their needs – to focus on my own well-being, particularly when the specter of financial distress rears its ugly head. I’ve lived with money and without it, and while I would agree that

Exegesis of Psalm 24:1 via Daffy Duck: ‘Pronoun Trouble’

The earth is the LORD’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psalm 24:1 (King James) When reading through the historical accounts of the Old Testament, I’ll admit there are times when my spirit struggles to accept one very simple lesson, typically due to what feels like its seemingly-endless repetition. At

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About #ForColumbia2016

What is ForColumbia about? ForColumbia is an initiative to bring Christians from all over Columbia together to love and serve our city. This year, 34 churches have partnered together to complete service projects in dozens of locations all over our community. Do you give me a project and then I sign up under that project?

Every Block Has a ‘Betty’

This Spring, I have the privilege of being part of a team of people working to coordinate a multi-church day of serving called ForColumbia, scheduled this year for April 22-23. Our team has been talking to a lot of churches and meeting people at non-profit organizations all over the city, gathering information and strategizing for

A last minute Christmas gift (and it’s not too late)

A few years ago on Christmas morning, after all the gifts were opened, with wrapping paper strewn all across the living room, my husband pulled out an envelope. I hadn’t seen this gift sitting around, but the look on my husband’s face showed that I should be excited. Anticipating what could be inside, I opened the envelope and found twelve homemade coupons/certificates with my name on them for a lunch date with a girlfriend of my choosing. On his own, he had taken a personal spin on our family coupons, which up to this point had been focused on our kids. With loads of respect for my husband, I have to admit, I couldn’t believe he had thought of this on his own!

I needed to set the date a month in advance and he would either come home and be with our kids, or if his schedule didn’t allow that, he would arrange a babysitter. The key is that HE would arrange the sitter for me. All I had to do was select a friend, a date, and the location. He would take care of the rest of the logistics of leaving four kids at home. And on a few occasions, he even volunteered to watch the friend’s kids too, so that she wouldn’t have to pay a sitter. The best was the time we left him with eight kids. We just drove away and laughed the whole way up the street!

What makes this gift the best?

Could You Live Off of 6% of Your Income?

Meet Julia and Jeff, a couple who live on just 6% of their income in order to give away $100,000 year. 20151006_101110

“Julia Wise is a social worker and her husband, Jeff Kaufman, is a software engineer. In 2013, their combined income was just under $245,000, putting them in the top 10% of US households. And yet, excluding taxes and savings, they lived on just $15,280, or 6.25% of their income.

What happened to the rest of their income, just under $100,000? They gave it to charity.

That’s 40% of their pre-tax earnings, and it’s not a one-off: They’ve donated a comparable percentage every year since 2008” (see full article here).

Does this seem crazy to you? It does to me. Granted, this couple saves a lot because they have a pretty decent income, but what is remarkable to me is how they must sacrifice in their every day life – living on just over $15,000 a year – in order to give more.

God Doesn’t Want 10% of Your Money: 5 Questions About Giving

Should I tithe? What’s it mean to tithe? Do I tithe off my gross or net income? Do I have to give all my tithe to the church? Do I really have to tithe 20% off my gambling winnings? (Okay, no one has really asked that last question.) These are pretty common questions–questions that I

Changing the Story with Compassion

My thanks to Kelley Wampler for her guest post today: As I sit in the comfort of my own living room and think about how many blessings God has given me, it can be overwhelming to think about caring for those who lack some of the very basic essentials of life. All it takes is