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‘GriefShare’ Begins Aug. 30th at The Crossing

Loss is a universal experience, yet one that often causes a great deal of pain and confusion. Broken relationships, dreams unrealized, hopes dashed…all of these life events produce a loss that, if not dealt with fully and grieved appropriately, can be devastating for an individual’s recovery. One of the deepest losses we experience this side of

Connecting to the Larger Narrative

This past week, I took some time off work to celebrate alongside one of my friends as he made a public proclamation of God’s faithfulness to sinners. More to the point, perhaps, this brother of mine had recently hit the 10-year mark in his recovery from alcohol and, as Providence would have it, he was

What Our Kids Actually Need

Back in the days when our home was packed tight with teenagers, many a conversation was had around our dinner table concerning “needs.” Things like the latest iPhone upgrade, parent-funded automotive repairs, a Spring Break trip to Florida with friends (also parent-funded), a shopping spree worthy of the Kardashians…you know, needs as defined by many

‘I just want my life to make a difference.’

We have absolutely no clue how God might be pleased to use us in this life. Neither do we have the faintest idea what the impact of our lives might look like 20, 50, or even hundreds of years after our death. Since God has placed eternity into our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11), those of us

London Underground Bombing – Reflections 10 Years On


I got this text from my mom yesterday while at the breakfast table with my husband and four kids. Upon reading the text, I reminded Charles that today was the anniversary of the London underground bombings in 2005.

We both remember right where we were when it happened. I was in a training class with my accounting colleagues, and Charles was in a German class. Living in the UK at the time, nearly everyone with us had a loved one that could have been on the underground, and somewhat organized panic shot through the room as people worked to reach their loved ones by text or call. That scene and how it felt will always be engraved in my memory. It’s kind of the equivalent of 9-11 for British people: smaller in scale but disturbing in how close it felt to so many more people.

432 Years or 23 Ears: Does it matter in eternity?

These tiny blocks are very precious to me. They represent far more than the $1.80 they cost me at my favorite gift store.

432 years

I was fortunate enough to attend a parenting seminar at The Crossing a few years back where two godly, wise women shared some insight on how to parent well. In particular, one of them walked up to the dry erase board in the old, tatty trailers and wrote 10,000. She explained that our parenting should be centered on things that will matter in 10,000 years.

I went home and immediately decided I wanted to remember this. This doesn’t just pertain to parenting – I want to remember this in all areas of my life. So I searched through the gift store for some way to decorate my house with this reminder to base my life on eternal things, not temporal things that will pass away. I found these blocks, and after a search through the basket, 432 was the highest number I could find so I went with that (same idea, right?). My search for how to decorate my house was over, but the lesson it was teaching me was just beginning.

What’s Your Purpose In Life? OR What Will You Put In The Box?

A Texas businessman named Bob Buford had reached all of the goals that he had set for himself by the time he was in his early forties.

He was the President and CEO of a tremendously successful cable TV company; he had a happy marriage; he had a beautiful home; he had a lot of toys; he was financially secure; he was independently wealthy; he found that although people said that his life was successful, he was not satisfied with his sense of purpose.

So, he hired a consultant—a very bright business consultant—to meet with him and his wife Linda. Mike – the consultant – was an atheist, but he had a fabulous mind, and he asked Bob and Linda a single question. He took a sheet of paper and sketched a box on it. Then he asked them:

What’s in the box for you?

The Cross is Worth Dying For

If you’ve seen the news this week, you likely saw that ISIS released a propaganda video Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya – “the people of the cross,” as ISIS describes them.

Many of us saw the news and felt shock, hurt, and deep sadness tangled up inside of us. There are so many questions, so much we want to ask as we mourn the lives of these men.

While there is no blog post that can do this topic justice or accurately celebrate these lives, I was reminded by these men that the cross is worth dying for. No matter what persecution or suffering awaits us, we are all better off not renouncing our faith, even if our lives here on earth will end. It is better to suffer for doing good, as 1 Peter 3 reminds us.

Time, Isolation, Death and ‘Interstellar’

2 Kings 20:9-11 And Isaiah said, “This shall be the sign to you from the Lord, that the Lord will do the thing that he has promised: shall the shadow go forward ten steps, or go back ten steps?” And Hezekiah answered, “It is an easy thing for the shadow to lengthen ten steps. Rather

The Bible’s Honest Take on Futility

“I wish I had known then what I know now, that when you get to the top there’s nothing there.” Harry Patterson, a.k.a. “Jack Higgins,” best-selling author and novelist. His breakthrough novel The Eagle Has Landed (1975) sold over 50 million copies; his 83 novels in total have sold over 150 million copies and have