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Hacking the Hexateuch* to Finish Well

God’s Call to Oppose Evil and the Passivity of Adam “No, that’s not right.” Four simple words. Oftentimes, though of course not always, these very words can serve as a powerful deterrent to evil, if only someone will have the temerity to speak them out loud, for all to hear. One clear, calm voice has

The Heartbeat of Addiction

When reading C.S. Lewis, I don’t normally expect to stumble upon much of anything to do with the topic of addiction. Like many, somehow I have got it in my head that addiction is a modern phenomena. Movies, television and the increased sensationalization of epidemics – such as we are seeing with the current devastation

Heads-Down at a Green Light

In the era before we could look up the birthdays of famous people or purchase Hello Kitty collectibles while driving, I recall people were a lot less patient while waiting at stop lights. “Dang it, I have places I want to go!” seemed to be the prevailing attitude; one could often observe cars lightly rocking

Remembering the Other Jack

Fifty years ago last Friday marked the death of a man whose impact on the world could fairly be described as mythic in the best sense (more on this in a moment). I don’t mean, however, the man who has dominated media coverage for the last several days. True, Jack Kennedy was felled by an

C. S. Lewis on the Writing Process, Narnia Stories

With notable exceptions, reflection on culture and the arts hasn’t been a strong suit of evangelical Christians over the last several decades. There are certainly signs that this inertia is changing in a positive direction: many contemporary figures now address these topics to one degree or another. But for writers in particular, one could hardly

A Page That Changed My Life

Ever read a book that you can say, without question, changed your life? Can you even remember a paragraph or page that particularly struck home? In an ongoing feature, our friends over at The Gospel Coalition have been asking contributors to identify a section from a book outside the Bible that changed their lives and