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Leave Some Room for Mystery and Awe

This past week, one of my friends shared with me how annoyed he was when an older, mature believer referred to him as “a baby Christian.” Although he would be the first to admit that for most of his life his outward lifestyle manifested precious little in the way of Galatians 5 Spirit Fruits, he

The Apologetic of Listening Well

Human beings, by nature, seek after meaning…but why? No other creature on Earth ever bothers itself with wondering why it is here; apart from human beings, the chief concern of every other animal seems to be eating and (significantly) not getting eaten. Once the scramble for food, clothing and shelter is over, only human beings

A Problem for Atheists

Atheists and agnostics often cite the existence of evil in the universe as a real problem for anyone who believes in a traditional notion of God. And the argument is not without force. At some point, nearly everyone—believer and skeptic alike—wrestles with the difficulty of an all-good, all-powerful God presiding over a world in which