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Christian Reasons for Reading Harry Potter

After I finished the Lord of the Rings series for the first time as a child I remember putting the final book down and being filled with such a poignant sadness because it was over, yet it was a sadness that was only poignant because it was filled with so much hope. Frodo and the

Theology and Its Abuses (2)

It is not enough to write about value of theology without speaking about certain dangers that are inherent in the process because we live in a fallen world and are capable of twisting even something like the knowledge of God. So I wanted to take some time on the blog to speak about the limitations

Theology and Its Abuses (1)

The value of theology is a topic seen before on this blog, but I want to take two posts to speak to the dangers surrounding theology, both in neglecting it on the one hand, and abusing it on the other. The first post will make a case for why theology is something every believer should

Art That Offends

Wendell Berry writes in Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community of playwright, Arthur Kopit, who said this of one of his plays: “I am immodestly proud that it is written in consistently bad taste. It’s about vile people who do vile things. They are totally loathsome, and I love them all…. I am almost positive it

Music Recommendation: Cardinology by Ryan Adams

As this is my first review of music I figure its high time I say a thing or two about how it is done. This is not about mining a work of art for a “Christian nugget.” Art comes from the soul, and it is impolite to mine a soul. Art is about a connection

Why Christians Should Care for Creation

Tragically, Christianity has not always taught people to care for and take care of the earth. Often, it has been quite the opposite. How have we gotten to the place where Christianity would be seen as the enemy by environmentalists? Sadly, this is an area where non-believers have led the Church. But didn’t God make

This American Life: Trying to Believe

This past Christmas a story swept the internet about a football coach at a Christian high school in Texas who inspired his team’s fans to root for the opposition: a team from the local juvenile correctional facility. Among the thousands of emails that the coach received in response to his actions, one stood out to

Lessons from a Day Spent Watching Technology

Recently, in preparation for a talk I was giving, I tried to make a list of every piece of technology I came across in a single day. The list got very long, very quickly. I wrote down everything from the pen and Post-Its I was making the list on to things like the internet or

Wendell Berry on Thinking Little

Wendell Berry writes in his essay, Think Little, of the tendency for Americans, who have, according to him, lost their “private life” to think of change in increments of organizations, rather than actually changing the way they live their own lives. He writes: “… The citizen who is willing to think little, and, accepting the

Wendell Berry on Machines

Wendell Berry writes in his essay, Feminism, the Body, and the Machine, about another essay he wrote in Harpers in which Berry details his reasons for not choosing to buy a computer. Harpers received several critical responses from readers of Berry’s piece and Feminism, the Body, and the machine is a response to his critics.