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Is a Child with Microcephaly Useless to Society?

Read any health section in a newspaper and you’ll find news of the Zika virus and its effects everywhere. Gaining more media attention as of late is the fact that as more babies are born with microcephaly, more countries are having to think about changing their abortion laws. One article in the New York Times made me abruptly pause while reading, surprised and shocked at the words of a major hospital director in Colombia. He was “firm that any woman whose fetuses showed signs of the condition would be offered [an abortion]. No woman, he said, should be forced to carry “a child that, in a few words, is useless to society.”’

But as I thought further, maybe I shouldn’t have been so shocked at what he said, at his view of a child with a birth defect. After all, we are a society that values the powerful, the clever, and the beautiful. We have reality TV shows that exalt the “survivor,” while the weak, vulnerable, and dispensable are mere liabilities. As we age, we do all we can to conquer the enemies of gray hair and wrinkles – advertisers play on our expectations that we can eliminate pain and imperfection. Chronic weaknesses of body, mind, or soul are to be dealt with and quickly moved past or covered up. It’s as if we are saying, to be human is to be powerful and capable and self-sufficient. 

“We shouldn’t impose our beliefs on other people!”

Halfway on the drive between Columbia and Kansas City our argument reached a pitch. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were debating a hot-button issue in the 2008 election. She argued that we should vote in line with our Christian beliefs. I, however, took the opposite perspective. While personally opposed to the issues like abortion,

Protecting the Least of These

In his sermon last Sunday, Keith focused on James’ exhortation that one way to demonstrate the obedience that comes from genuine faith (“religion that is pure and undefiled”) is to “visit orphans and widows in their affliction” (1:27). I can’t help but think of that teaching’s relevance to two alarming news items that I ran