C.S. Lewis on Whether We Should Have Women Pastors

My wife, Jeannette, and I took a long weekend trip to her family’s lake house on the beach of Lake Michigan. Just the two of us on a private, off-season beach with nothing but Lake Michigan as our view off the back porch. That’s the setting in which I love to get my C.S. Lewis out and read one of my favorite thinkers. After all, Michigan just off the lake feels so Englandy in October.

This trip I read from “God in the Dock: Essays on Theology and Ethics.” It’s Walter Hooper’s collection of various writings and speeches by C.S. Lewis. There’s an online copy of it here. Click the contents and you can access most of the essays in the book online, just as they appear in the book. Pretty cool. The first three chapters are some of my favorite chapters of Lewis. Definitely worth reading.

Now to my main point: I came across an essay this weekend while reading God in the Dock (Part II, chap 11) where C.S. Lewis gives his answer to the question as to whether qualified women should be excluded from being pastors (Lewis was part of the Church of England, or what we call the Episcopal Church, so he uses the term priests/priestesses instead of pastors, but he means the same thing). For some reason, this particular chapter is unavailable to read in the online copy of the book linked above. But you can access it here. It is worth a read for anyone who is either concerned about this controversial issue in churches today, or who is simply curious about what Lewis believed, and why he believed it.

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