Awesome Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know

This is a guest post from Lynn Roush, counselor at The Crossing.

When I was growing up my dad made herculean efforts to assemble the family for devotions and prayer. He desired to lead us spiritually and wanted us to know the Bible and walk with God. His efforts, though well intentioned, were often met with resistance from my sisters and me. We found it amusing and delighted in thwarting his attempts at serious prayer and Bible reading. We were pretty awful actually. We got to laughing so hard one time that we were crying and rolling on the floor, and my dad’s look of exasperation and frustration only fueled the comedy of the moment.

At one point he bought an entire volume of encyclopedia-type books that told the whole story of the Bible from beginning to end. When they arrived in the mail the boxes were so heavy he could barely pick them up. They took up several shelves and were big and heavy. We snickered at the sheer weight and size of the poorly illustrated books that only collected dust over time. We may have made it through Genesis 1-5 and then gave up. Eventually they were sold in a garage sale, most of them having never even been opened.

Other methods employed that were slightly more effective involved putting Bible verses on large pieces of poster board that we would gather around and work on memorizing. This is how I memorized Psalm 23 and learned the skill of memorization that I used many times over in my life. The biggest lesson that I took away from my dad’s efforts was that he truly loved God’s Word, and more importantly loved Jesus. He genuinely longed that we would recognize the significance and authority of Scripture and develop a relationship with God that was our own.

Awesome Bible Verses Every Kid
Should Know…and What They Mean
by Rebecca Lutzer

Fast forward to present day and I find myself wrestling with the same struggle that my parents did…trying to figure out ways to make God’s Word and the truths within appealing to my children. Especially now that they are getting older it seems to be more challenging to find material that matches their growing minds and hearts.

Although it was usually my dad leading the charge for family devotions, my mom’s experience and intuition of raising three kids and shepherding eight grandchildren recently inspired her to write a book that not only highlights key Bible verses that are essential to the Christian faith, but explains what they mean in ways that are easy to understand. In her book Awesome Bible Verses Every Kid Should Know…and What They Mean, she has found a way to communicate deep theological concepts through thought-provoking illustrations and simple language.

We have been using this book during our Saturday family devotions and our kids (ages 13, 10 and 7) take turns reading a chapter. Each chapter only takes about 10-15 minutes to get through and it spurs good conversation and keeps everyone’s interest. Sometimes the stories feel really close to home and the kids ask, “Do you think Grandma is talking about us?!” Well, especially if she’s talking about treating your siblings with kindness or learning what it means to forgive I’m pretty sure she’s probably talking about my kids!

If you are looking for a great resource for family devotions or just bedtime reading with your kids, I would highly recommend this book by Rebecca Lutzer. My kids think they’re famous because their picture is on the back cover, but I find them reading the book on their own even when we haven’t asked them too. I think it’s because they really enjoy the content, and not just because their grandma is the author!

Note: Her new book, Life-Changing Verses Every Woman Should Know will be released in February.

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