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It’s Hard to be Proud When You’re Close to the Cross

Even though God obviously hates all sin it seems as we survey the Bible that pride is at the top of his list. When the personified wisdom of God speaks in Proverbs he says this:“I hate pride and arrogance.” (Proverbs 8:13, NIV) Why does God hate pride so much? Well pride is when we as

Are Christians Just Gullible? Part 2

It’s a good question for us to ask ourselves: is my faith really just wishful thinking, or is it logical, defendable and justifiable based on the evidence? I want us to consider this question by examining whether or not our belief in Christ is something that can hold up to the scrutiny of skepticism and

Are Christians Just Gullible? Part 1

While flipping channels recently, I caught Tim Russert interviewing Christopher Hitchens, who is the author of the book “God is Not Great.” His other guest, Jon Meachem of Newsweek, was asked a simple question by Hitchens: “Why do you believe what you believe about your faith?” In other words, “What evidence has led you to