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The Cost of Forgiveness

A collection of recent circumstances has me thinking about the concept of forgiveness.  I heard an artist from the alternative christian band Tenth Avenue North introducing a live version of the band’s song “Losing”.  I am frequently underwhelmed at the spiritual depth in many of today’s popular songs, but I must admit I was struck

Equal…But Different

With four kids, you would think the law of averages would have yielded a situation where at least two of my kids would have similar personalities; uh…No. I can’t think of four more disparate individuals on earth. Obviously, age is a factor in that as they are all three years apart and there are two

We Need a Hero

One of the most discussed details emerging from the horrible tragedy in Aurora is the acts of heroism displayed by a few young men. There is consistent and reliable information to corroborate three distinct examples of men acting as human shields for women in close proximity. Of course we don’t know for certain if these

A Vote of No Confidence

According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are losing confidence in the church. Since the 1970’s, Americans have shown a steady decline in their trust of organized religion. Now just 44% of us have “a great deal or a lot of confidence” in “the church or organized religion”. The poll does demonstrate a rather consistent


I’ve frequently discussed on this blog the tendency many of us have to slip into generalizations about moral decline. That is why I really find myself gravitating toward the research from people like Dan Ariely. Dan has consistently risen to the top of his field of behavioral economics and the science of making choices. Statistical

Why I Volunteer at Kids Club

I recently received from my family a unique item for my birthday.  If you are familiar with the Staples marketing campaign using the “easy” button, imagine that button says the word “No” in about 10 different levels of intensity.   That was my present.  The not-so-subtle (albeit lighthearted) hint that I need to say “No”

The Politico

It is no secret the political climate is heating up as we find ourselves in another election year. There has already been significant turnover within the primary season as many incumbents are finding their constituents less than impressed with their legislative efforts and voting record. One of the first major upsets of the primary season

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Our small group is currently working through the book of Ecclesiastes. I never imagined I would enjoy the study as much as I have. There is something truly refreshing and calming to know that the struggles we all deal with have been repeated throughout the course of human history (Ecclesiastes 1:9-10). It is almost as

Health Care Reform

When I was first asked to contribute to ESI over two years ago, a request was made for me to address areas of health and science which intersect a biblical worldview. It was hoped that I could help shine the light of the gospel on areas frequently left out of conversations in the American Christian

Finders Keepers

We all like to hope when faced with ethical decisions that we would make the right choice. Too much change back on a purchase, padding your deductions on your recent tax return, the white lie that you hope brings more esteem from your peers. Many call it conscience, some call it guilt. What do you