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Hindering Faith Where it is Needed the Most

In 2004 the Justice Department, under the direction of then Attorney General John Ashcroft, instituted the innocuously titled Standardized Chapel Library Project. As with many government programs, a mundane title masked a much more dramatic mission. In truth, the program posed a serious threat to the religious freedom of thousands of prisoners, limiting the availability

Abortion as a Human Right?

Since its creation in 1961, Amnesty International (AI) has enjoyed significant support within the faith community (especially from the Catholic Church) for it staunch support of human rights and dignity throughout the world. The organization has maintained this support through its willingness to shine the light on injustice throughout the world without regard to national

Tears of a Saint

A few weeks ago a book entitled Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light was released to a considerable amount of media attention and critical commentary (including a an in depth and balanced cover story in Time magazine, I highly recommend) . The book is a collection of Mother Teresa’s correspondence with her supervisors and confessors

Do Not Be Afraid

I have had some trepidation in writing this first post. My procrastination has, no doubt, been the product of my twin afflictions of perfectionism and obsessive compulsiveness. But those afflictions have been fueled by an emotion I trust we all struggle against . . . fear. The Crossing has had such a vital impact on