ASELSI: Guatemala: Thank You!

Keys to Discipleship
Thanks to leaders from a discipleship program in Missouri [The Crossing!!], and their heart to come and train Guatemalans how to follow Christ, ASELSI hosted a discipleship conference with nearly 100 people attending from a healthy mix of churches that are using the discipleship program. These “disciples” are learning to follow Christ by studying God’s Word and putting it into practice in their lives. See more about the Discipleship Program at ASELSI here.

Why is the discipleship program important to ASELSI?

The discipleship program is a testimony to the core vision of ASELSI:   “Equipping the Saints.”   At ASELSI we have a goal and a passion that is spelled out in this vision. We want to equip the body of Christ with Biblical teachings.

The discipleship program is led by local pastor, Miguel Angel Morales, one of our EBA graduates.  God began using him to make disciples. and now he’s equipping them by giving them the tools to have a solid foundation in their lives. This is extending into the churches and communities themselves.

This  is a team effort with Bill Penketham and Chuck Worstell, from Columbia, Missouri. who brought the High Quest program to Chichicastenango. Through this partnership we see discipleship growing here in Guatemala as a beautiful image of nations, tribes, and different tongues working together to be the body of Christ.

Glory to God for this!

~~Emanuel Perez, ASELSI Director

The Discipleship Program focuses on building relationship between individuals, Jesus Christ and others.

After seven years of developing this discipleship program in the Chichicastenango area, there are now 15 churches in 13 communities using the program. The discipleship program is helping over 360 people walk out a growing faith in Christ alongside other believers.  The discipleship curriculum we use is based on the High Quest Discipleship Series.

Goals of the program

  • To know and understand one’s strengths and weaknesses so we can help each other serve the Lord and others.
  • To study God’s word together and establish a habit that helps mature and grow participants in the Word of God.
  • To develop accountability and relationships that help the disciples overcome difficulties and rejoice in each others’ successes


Through weekly gatherings, prayer and Bible study, Pastor Miguel Angel has seen pastors, who were skeptical of the program at first, say that it is making a difference in the lives of their people. Pastors report that those in the discipleship program have a greater hearts to serve, show more interest in being involved in God’s work through the church and in their own families.


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