Are You Ok If Your Kid Is Average?

If your kid is average in sports, are you okay with that? What if your kid doesn’t get to play much even in CYBA or CYFL (the youth leagues in basketball and football)? What if your kid tries out for the school team and gets cut or joins a team for the Show Me State games and they always get blown out? Are you okay with that?

What if you take your kid to the gym for extra practice, hire a pitching coach, pay for time in the batting cages and he still struggles? Are you okay with that?

What if your kid is average in school and brings home grade cards full of B’s and C’s. No gifted program. No awards or honors. Are you okay with that? What if you pay for tutoring, take them in early to get extra help from the teacher and nothing seems to help? Are you okay with that?

What if your kid doesn’t get a scholarship or doesn’t get accepted into Mizzou? What if your kid isn’t interested in college but chooses a trade school or the military or just wants to get a job out of high school? Are you okay with that?

What if your kid looks average? Average height, weight, complexion. What if they aren’t the ones who get attention because of their appearance? Are you okay with that?

What if your kid isn’t the cool kid who gets to sit at the cool kid lunch table and doesn’t get invited to the cool kid parties? What if they don’t get elected to student council or asked to go to homecoming or prom? Are you okay with that?

I get that every parent wants the best for their child and that we know that the right answer to these questions is that of course we’d love our kid even if he/she is very average.

But is it possible that all the extra coaching, all the dance competitions, all the traveling teams, all the attention paid to those who excel, all the emphasis on being at the top of the class, all the talk about making grades or getting accepted into a good college or looking a certain way or comparing them to their more accomplished peers communicates to our kids that we are disappointed in them if they are just average?

Or what if it were all the exact opposite?

What if your kid was the best athlete who was offered Division 1 scholarships and even made it to the pros? What if your son or daughter was the best student who killed AP classes and had his/her choice to attend the best universities? What if your child was the best looking, the most fun, the prom king/queen and was always invited to the best parties? What if your kid had the best internships and jobs and was set up for career and financial success? What if your kid had all this world has to offer but didn’t have a relationship with Jesus and wasn’t a part of a good church where they lived out their faith? Would you be okay with that?

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