Are We Glad We Partnered With True/False?

Yesterday we had our monthly all-staff meeting, where our entire staff team of twenty-plus people assembles in our conference room for some Bible study, prayer, and timely direction and discussion together. One of the topics we discussed yesterday was this: now that this past weekend’s True/False Film Festival is over, are we still glad The Crossing was a partner with it, and do we think we should do it again next year?

And the answer was a definite yes. All of the staff who attended one or more of the forty-something films that were part of this year’s T/F festival were enthusiastically impressed by the artistic quality of content and subject matter of these films. We found them to be very well selected by David Wilson and Paul Sturtz (the co-directors of T/F).

I for one had a pass that allowed me to see as many T/F films as I cared to see for a reasonable one-time fee. I quickly discovered I developed the same compulsive drive I get when I have access to one of those all-you-can-eat dinner buffets. I feel compelled to get my money’s worth (I know, I’m very foul and repugnant). So I watched a total of eleven films last Thursday night through Sunday (kind of my own little all-I-can-watch film buffet). It almost ruined my marriage, but I thoroughly enjoyed nine out of the eleven I saw (the two I didn’t like I still thought were redemptively thought provoking—I agreed with their point, I just didn’t like the manner in which they made it). My favorite film was Pressure Cooker—truly a must-see if/when it ever comes to the Ragtag this year (it’s safe for the family as well).

Most of our staff’s favorite film was Food, Inc, which, unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see. Now after hearing everyone rant and rave about it, I wish I had found a way. So that too is on my must-see list if/when it comes to Ragtag this year.

Which reminds me of an idea I have—I think it would be great to again show twenty or so of this year’s T/F films sometime between now and the next T/F (which btw will be February 25-28, so mark your calendar now—sorry, I will not be available for anyone’s wedding that weekend). I believe so many of this year’s films would provide fodder for a lot of good conversations and discussions. We could either rent out a special showing at Ragtag, or see if we can show it ourselves at our building, and then enjoy a guided discussion afterward. Lots of fun and very relevant topics to talk about I think.

I think David Wilson and Paul Sturtz did a fantastic job with T/F this year, and they should be commended for that. I don’t really know Paul, so I can’t personally speak much about him. But I’ve had lunch with and have spoken several times with David Wilson because of our partnership with T/F this year. And personally, I’m impressed with his humble and positive leadership in Columbia. My guess is that David and I would disagree on many significant issues, but I sincerely believe that Columbia is a better community because of him. As a Columbian, I am proud of David Wilson and the artistic opportunities and exposure he and Paul have brought to our city through both Ragtag and the T/F Film Festival. We should all be grateful to them for that. Because of them, we are talking about things and discussing things we probably would have never been exposed to otherwise. And we are all better for it. Good for them. And thanks to them. Otherwise, we’d be like Springfield or something where our greatest culture would be trying to make it down to a Branson show. If that doesn’t make you want to thank David Wilson and Paul Sturtz, nothing will. That reminds me, when I had lunch with David he mentioned a documentary film he’s making, possibly to be shown at next year’s T/F, about Branson. That should be another film well worth seeing.

Thanks for reading (and feel free to comment on your thoughts about T/F this year IF you actually saw a film).

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