Are Christians Intolerant?

Are Christians intolerant when they call homosexuality a sin or oppose same-sex marriage? How about when they claim that salvation is only found in Jesus?

I guess the answer to those questions all depend on what you mean by tolerant. In his book The Intolerance of Tolerance, D. A. Carson explains that the definition of tolerance has changed which is something that every Christian has experienced even if they can’t explain it. Christians are now called intolerant bigots for expressing our convictions rooted in the Bible.

Take Chris Broussard ESPN’s NBA analyst. After Jason Collins celebrated exit from the closet, Broussard, a Christian, was asked what he thought of Collins’ claim to be a gay Christian. Broussard responded with a great answer in that it was both biblically informed and humbly delivered.

But, according to Deadspin, Broussard is a bigot. Others called for his firing. Why? He dared to claim that biblical teaching was true. By “true,” I mean true for everyone. If he would have said, “The Bible is true for me but not for others,” that would have been fine. But to claim that the Bible is Truth will not be tolerated by the tolerant. It turns out that there’s nothing quite as stifling as tolerance.

Nathan explained this very well in a Point of Focus and I’d encourage you to take a couple minutes and watch it. He echoes Carson in saying that tolerance used to mean that you accepted other people’s rights to hold views different than yours. Today, tolerance means that you believe all views are equally valid.

This is a problem for Christians because we believe that Jesus is Truth – not a truth but the Truth. This is exactly what the new tolerance won’t tolerate. And it’s why Christians are now being labeled as intolerant and even as a hate group.

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