All the Things That God Has Not Promised You (and a Few That He Has)

Get frustrated much?

Maybe you’re one of those people who tend to keep on the sunny side of life. But most of us don’t need much encouragement to stew over things, big or small, that irritate or anger us.

On those many occasions, we all know it’s helpful to spend some time thinking about something else. But what if that something else was all the things that God has not promised you? To be sure, the following list is suggestive, not exhaustive. But most of us should find at least a few things that are relevant to our lives.

God has not promised that…

…you’ll feel refreshed when you wake up.

…you won’t be out of milk/cereal/coffee/toast/bagels/eggs/waffles/Pop Tarts/etc.

…your car will always start.

… your kids will always listen to you the first time.

…you’ll have as much money as you want.

…people will always agree with you…even if you’re right.

…your house will stay clean.

…you’ll have change for the parking meter.

…your day will go like you planned.

…you’ll get in (and be able to pay for) your dream school.

…your wireless network won’t go down.

…your boss will be easy to work for.

…gas prices won’t go up.

…your team will make the playoffs.

…everyone will like you.

…your toilet won’t clog.

…the grocery store will have all the items you want.

…your spouse will always be easy to live with.

…everyone will like your Facebook post.

…the waiter won’t mess up your order.

…traffic will be light.

…you’ll get the job/promotion/big assignment.

… you’ll have all the time to yourself that you want.

…your garage door will work.

…you can retire when everyone else does.

…you kids won’t bother you during your phone call.

…you’ll get tickets to the concert.

…you’ll always make your meeting on time.

…you can afford that vacation.

…you’ll be able to figure it out on your own.

…your yard won’t get weeds.

…you (or your kids) won’t catch that bug going around.

…your work will always be fun or fulfilling or important or noticed.

…you’ll be friends with the important people.

…your kids won’t face challenges at school.

…you won’t spill something on your clothes.

…you’ll have good neighbors.

…you’ll do well on the exam.

…your package will arrive on time.

…you’ll have a boyfriend/girlfriend.

…you’ll get good reception.

…you’ll generally have an easy life.

 Of course, there are a few things that he has promised you if you’re someone who trusts in Christ. And those might be good to reflect on as well in these moments of frustration. Again, this is a partial list:

God has promised that…

…your sins—which deserve eternal death—are forgiven once for all.

…his mercies are new every morning and his steadfast love for you endures forever.

…he’s near to you when you’re brokenhearted.

…if he’s already given you his Son, he’ll give you everything else that you truly need.

…that he’s working out every single thing—even the bad stuff—in your life for your good.

…his grace is sufficient for you.

…he will always keep his promises.

…your present trials will pale in comparison to the future glory you’ll one day experience.

…this glory will include a world with no sin, suffering, or sorrow, in which you’ll enjoy a completely satisfying life with him forever.

At the end of the day, which list would you really prefer?

One Comment

  1. speakupif said:

    Definitely the latter.

    One Add On

    Eye has not seen
    Ear has not heard
    Neither ha entered into the mind of man
    What God has prepared for those who love Him.

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