Al Qaida, Abortion, and Down Syndrome

“The Frog in the Kettle Syndrome” is based on the idea that if you put a frog in a kettle of hot water, it would immediately jump out. But if you put that same frog in a kettle of warm water and then slowly heated it, the frog would never know that there is a problem and eventually die.

The story is used to make many points including that oftentimes, without ever realizing it, our values are shaped by the culture we live in. This is true of Christians and non-Christians alike. Like the frog, we get so comfortable with our environment that we don’t realize the danger that we are in. We need something outside ourselves to help us see our predicament and alert us to our need to “jump out” of our moral stupor before it’s too late.

Just like it may take pictures of the Holocaust to wake us up to the reality of evil or a sad story to recognize the plight of the homeless on a cold, winter night, so it might take a shocking news story to open our eyes to the evil that our world has learned to tolerate and even accept as normal.

Over at the Desiring God Blog, I recently read a short but shocking post by John Piper on selective abortions based on a baby’s health.

Here’s how it starts…

Al Qaida has moved another step toward western standards of abortion barbarity in using Down Syndrome women to blow boys and girls to pieces. The news is that this was not suicide bombing, but the detonation of retarded girls at a distance.

The disgust one feels for the kind of heart that does this could reveal to England and America how we should feel when we screen for Down Syndrome babies and then kill them.

Read the whole thing.

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