A Word About Eyes Wide Open

Just a comment on Eyes Wide Open: Looking for God in Popular Culture, the book we’ve promoted in the worship service recently and the topic of The Crossing Book Discussion on January 28:

I originally chose this book because I had read and appreciated the first edition a couple of years ago. My thinking was that the revised and expanded edition (the one we’ve offered in The Crossing’s Bookstore) simply included updated examples and further developed the previous work in a few helpful ways.

However, now that I’ve read a large portion of the new edition, my impression is that the author has made some really substantial changes/additions to the book, making the finished product a good deal more academic and, as a result, less readable on the whole.

So I wouldn’t blame you if you bought the book and found it more work to read than you might have liked. If you do find yourself getting bogged down (i.e., “I’m going to stop reading this book”) I’d encourage you to feel the freedom not to fully digest everything you read and to keep plugging away.

Having said that, there certainly is value in stretching yourself on occasion, and I think the book is still well worth reading. So I hope you’ll forge ahead as much as you can. If you haven’t already, you might even sign up to participate in the discussion on the 28th (which you can do at the Bookstore on Sunday mornings). That should be a good opportunity to get a better handle on some of the book’s material.

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