A Moment Frozen In Time

My wife and I gave each other a new camera for Christmas. Okay, I admit that I’ve used it about 90 percent of the time. I told her I would learn how to use it first and then teach her! Anyway, I realized the other day that I took over 600 pictures while on vacation last week. Seriously…600.

I never thought I was capable of such a feat. I am typically not patient enough sit for a picture, let alone take one. Obviously, the thrill of working with a new toy was enough motivation to capture our trip on film, but 600? I’ve included below the 1 out of 600 that actually turned out!

I think it is possible I’ve been inspired by the incredible photos of Sunday mornings at the Crossing that have been captured by photographers Gerik Parmele and Scott Myers. I’ve found myself amazed at the beauty within our midst, too commonly passed over as trivial or insignificant. Just within the confines of our church property lie amazing reflections of God’s creative power and glory.

Over the past few years, I have taken photos of our family and compiled them for us on DVD to watch as the year comes to a close. It has been a great way to reminisce over all the events of the previous year. As the scenes pan across the screen, set to some of our favorite family songs, it is rare that we are not eventually brought to tears. What is it about a photograph, the art of life, that affects us so deeply?

I would suggest there is a tendency in our busy lives to incorporate our image of our surroundings into a stew of movement. Reaction follows action and cause leads to effect. We reflect on our days as a progression of responses to our circumstances. What I think we forget is LIFE is happening around us and we can’t seem to stop long enough to realize it! In a photograph we have a chance to stop and breathe in the deepest reality of a moment past. We afford ourselves the chance to finally appreciate what it is we really love about our lives and each other.

If you ask me to sit down and reflect on the previous year, I will give you a chronological series of schedules and events. Ah, but if you give me a handful of pictures from the previous year, I will share a story with you. Could it be this is the very reason art matters to God?

We have written and talked much about the Big God Story this past year as we seek to view a panoramic image of God’s redemptive work through promise of the birth, death and resurrection of Christ. The importance of viewing the bible as a story cannot be overstated. I believe God shares with us His story as revealed in His word as well as His creation. We must force ourselves to stop long enough to hear Him speak to us in both.

?I will pose a challenge to you for the coming year. Take more pictures of what is around you this year and then take the time to look over them next January. If you aren’t moved by God’s glory shining through the beauty of His creation I will give you “my wife’s” new camera!

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