A Lesson On Worry

I worry about things. I worry about situations.

For instance, when my wife and I got pregnant months ago, I worried that we might miscarry. And then last week we had to go in for an extra ultrasound because a few warning signs had popped up. I worried that something horrible had gone wrong (for the record, everything is fine).

And it got me to thinking that worry doesn’t appear to be driven much by situations. Situations bring out worry, but they do not cause it.

This is why I think that’s true: There’s always something to worry about it. When he’s born I’ll worry that the umbilical cord might get wrapped up, or he’s going to have a defect, or the delivery isn’t going to go as planned. And then when he’s a little over one year old and isn’t walking, I’m going to worry that something’s wrong. Then he’s going to get his driver’s license and his mother’s going to freak out. And then he’s going to go to college and his mother’s going to cry and worry. Then he’s going to get older, and get serious with a girl, and we’re going to worry about that.

I struggled with worry all last week. But I kept coming back to the logical conclusion that worry, while brought out by my circumstances, is not caused by them. I’ll always have something to worry about. So worry is, at its root, just like all other sins – in that they’re heart issues.

So the remedy is the same – we attempt to fight sin at its root – our heart. And we do that by believing in the promises of God. For me this week, that meant believing that God is both good and in control. He doesn’t have any oops…even with my yet-t0-be-born child. And he loves me and knows what is best for me.

May we fight all sins, including worry, at the heart level.

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