7 Things To Pray On Your Way To Work

NYCTrafficJam640After years of fighting it, I give up and admit that multitasking is bad. As much as I don’t like it and don’t want to acknowledge it, I admit that the human brain can’t really do two things at once. At least not well. Call me stubborn but I still think that there’s a kind of multitasking that does work. The kind that works for me is the multitasking that takes advantage of times that my body is busy but my mind is available to focus on something else. Examples include reading my kindle while on an elliptical, listening to a podcast while mowing the lawn, and praying while driving.

Fact: Praying in a quiet place with no distractions is usually better than praying while navigating traffic on the way to the office.

Fact: If I wait for “Goldilocks” circumstances, I won’t pray much. Rarely is the time “just right”.

Conclusion: I need to use the time that I’m in the car to pray.

7 Things To Pray On The Way To Work

1. “Lord, remind throughout the day that I work for you.” (Ephesians 6:7; Colossians 3:23) This is a biggie because if we get this truth it solves A LOT of potential problems. All of us are accountable to someone in our vocation. That’s fine and good and normal. But ultimately Jesus is our boss.

2. “Lord, change my heart so that my main motivation would be pleasing you not people.” (Ephesians 6:7; Colossians 3:23) Knowing that my ultimate audience is One not many means that my effort and excellence at work will improve because it is Christ that I serve.

3. “Lord, I want to want the reward of Christ more than the rewards of money and power and position and recognition.” (Ephesians 6:8; Colossians 3:24) My motivations are messed up and I find myself working to get temporal rewards. Jesus promises a better paycheck than money can offer.

4. “Lord, give me eyes to see the people I work with as you see them: made in your image and deeply loved.” (Genesis 1:26-27) When we get focused on our work, it’s tempting to use people or think of them almost as objects that help us accomplish our agenda. I need God’s grace so that I can love my co-worker as myself. For me that starts with seeing them as made in God’s image and deeply loved by him.

5. “Lord, teach me that you care about my work.” (Genesis 1-3) Work as a “necessary evil” is a view that is absolutely opposed by the Bible. God is a worker. You were created for work. Work is good, and it is a significant way we serve God. Unfortunately there are even well-intentioned (but still wrong), Christian voices that tell us that the work we do isn’t important in and of itself but only serves as an opportunity to share Christ with people. False. God cares about the actual work you do.

6. “Lord, guard my heart from self-ambition.” (1 Peter 5:6) Walk into a work environment and for some reason we all get caught up in out doing our co-workers. I need God’s grace to humble myself before him and trust that he will exalt me if he chooses.

7. “Lord, please keep me from making my work an idol in my life.” (1 John 5:21) Work is good but unfortunately sinners like us can turn good things into an idol replacing God in our life.

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