50 Reasons I Love the Bible

You probably know (or you’ve heard) that reading the Bible is good for our souls. Maybe you never experienced that personally, because you never prioritized reading time. Or maybe you read it in the past, but feel burnt out today. Or maybe you read every day, but it’s become a heartless religious observance. Regardless of your current relationship with Bible, it’s important to remember why we read it. I regularly need to rekindle a desire in my heart for God’s word, or I begin to forget. To do that, I sat down and brainstormed all the reasons I love the Bible

Here’s 50 Biblical reasons why I love reading the Bible. It’s not in any order, but I hope it ignites a spark in your heart to experience God’s word today:

1. It’s where I hear God’s voice (2 Tim. 3:10-17)
2. It has everything I need to obey and know God (Ps. 19:7-14)
3. It’s a reliable source for truth (1 Peter 1:16-20)
4. It reassures me of the father’s love (Lam. 3:19-24)
5. It has the power to work God’s will in my life (Is. 55:6-13)
6. It helps me actively fight sin (Eph. 6:10-20)
7. It’s a light to guide me through the world’s darkness and idolatry (Ps. 119:105-136)
8. It gave life to my dead heart (Jn. 6:60-65)
9. It’s where my faith was born (Rom. 10:17)
10. It’s where God draws near to me (Rom. 10:5-13)
11. It teaches me how to pray (Lk. 11)
12. It gives me words to confess (Ps. 51)
13. It convicts me about my sins (Jn. 16:8)
14. It has a clear message (1 Deut. 30:1-14)
15. It has the power to convert lost sinners like me (1 Pet. 1:23)
16. It helps simple people become wise (Ps. 119:130)
17. It helps me live the fullest life for God (Ps. 1:2)
18. It builds me an eternal inheritance (Acts 20:32)
19. It helps me live in the world without worshipping it (Ps. 119:18, 24)
20. Meditating on it purifies me (Ps. 119:9)
21. It gives my heart new desires, so that I let go of sinful passions (119:36-37)
22. It comforts me when I’m hurting (Ps. 119:50)
23. When I wander from God, it helps me return to him (Ps. 119:56-60)
24. It teaches me how to take of my old self, and put on a new self (Eph. 4:22-24)
25. It is my daily bread, my spiritual food (Ps. 119:57)
26. It gives me strength to obey in the face of hardship and persecution (Ps. 119:81-82)
27. It’s not a fad. It’s words last forever (Matt. 24:35)
28. It’s where God offers me his counsel (Ps. 107:11)
29. It’s where I see Jesus (John 1:1-18)
30. It’s exceedingly valuable; it’s worth more than piles of money (Ps. 119:72)
31. It’s an inheritance from past generations of believers (Ps. 119:11)
32. It takes my broken life, and unifies it (Ps. 119:113)
33. It teaches me how to serve God (Ps. 119:25)
34. It gives me reasons to wake up every day (Ps. 119:146)
35. It’s where I can hear God’s message of salvation for today (Ps. 119:154)
36. It’s how I find the path to peace and life (Ps. 119:165)
37. It’s where my mind is trained to think rightly about God, the world, and myself (Rom. 12:1-2)
38. It’s where I remember God’s plans for my life (Jer. 29:11)
39. It’s how God reorients my eyes toward heaven (Col. 3:1-3)
40. It’s where I behold God, and become molded by him (2 Cor. 3:18)
41. It puts my sinful flesh to death (Rom. 8:13)
42. It’s where I ask my big questions and doubts (Ps. 119:18)
43. It gives me all the hope I need (Col. 1:5)
44. It gives my soul strength to obey God (Ps. 119:28-29)
45. It’s the very best place for God to reveal his glory (2 Pet. 1:16-21)
46. It’s where Jesus offers lasting rest (Matt. 11:25-28)
47. It teaches me to praise and worship God (Ps. 119:171)
48. I can share it to encourage and help my friends (Matt. 28:20)
49. It gives me a framework to understand history and my life story (Ps. 78)
50. It teaches me to practice to discipline (Prov. 6:23)

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