5 Things You Should Know About The Crossing’s College Conference

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  1. Ready your heart for CCC’s theme: Jesus Outside the Lines. The issues of the day are often polarizing, leading to two opposing sides and us-against-them conversations. Who am I with? Who am I against? Where is my line? But Jesus offers those who are tired of taking sides a way forward, because he lived outside of these cultural and religious lines. Each main session and breakout session we have planned hopes to address some of these issues that we see as college students.
  1. Scott Sauls, author of Jesus Outside the Lines, will be our keynote speaker, and you won’t want to miss him. He serves as senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and previously was a lead and preaching pastor for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, where he served alongside Tim Keller. He has also planted two churches, one in Kansas City, Kansas, and one in St. Louis, Missouri. We couldn’t have found a someone better for this conference, and we’re grateful he agreed to speak.

  1. Veritas, RUF, and Cru, three campus ministries at Mizzou, are teaming up to make this conference happen. We think there is great value in coming together as the body of Christ in one place to worship by learning, singing, and discussing some of these new ideas and important topics. And sometimes, getting away from your usual routine can help you to connect with those in your community more deeply.
  1. The Crossing’s music team is planning a special weekend of music just for this conference. Enough said. Just kidding – but we think music is an important part of the weekend. It engages our hearts and minds in a way that helps us to praise God for who he is, helping us to participate in God’s greater story.
  1. Sign up here. The cost is only $20 and includes three meals – you’ll likely spend more than that on food in a weekend anyway. Not in college? Offer to pay for a college student you know to attend. They’ll be glad they went. Other questions? Contact [email protected].

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