5 Things I Think I Think About Talking To Your Kids About Jesus

Last Thursday I shared a story from a father who attends The Crossing and who recently started having regular spiritual conversations with his family using the material that Crossing Kids makes available. The change in his kids’ hearts was both dramatic and immediate.

Today I share 5 things I think I think about talking to your kids about spiritual truth.

1. I think I think that we have way too high of expectations. I can’t remember any time that my wife and I have talked to our kids about spiritual issues that they’ve proclaimed, “Now I get it! After hearing you what you just shared with me, I want to live for Jesus.” Some times we’ve brought up a topic and a good conversation has ensued. Other times they’ve shrugged their shoulders as if what was said didn’t make sense or seemed irrelevant. Many times they may grunt or give me a “sounds good dad” or nod their head in approval. I think that I’ve learned that’s okay.

2. I think I think that there are no great times for these spiritual conversations. I found that if I wait till everyone is home for dinner or until I’m not tired or everyone’s had a good day or I have the perfect thing to say, I’ll be waiting a long time.

3. I think I think that it’s a mistake to wait until you have something profound to say. No one’s faith is usually developed by a few profound comments or sermons or Bible studies. Instead our faith is usually shaped by thousands of “small” ideas/truths that help me take one small step in believing the gospel.

4. I think I think that it’s impossible to give away something that you don’t possess. Okay I don’t just think this, I know this to be true. If I’m not walking with God, then I won’t have much to share with my kids. If I don’t read my Bible, then I won’t have anything to tell them. If I don’t pray, I won’t be able to help them pray. If you want to be a good mom or dad (and I’m sure you do), then the best thing you can do for your kids is to walk with God yourself.

5. I think I think that sometimes the most significant thing you can say is, “Let me share with you something God’s teaching me.” Building off number 4, there is nothing that gets a kid’s attention more than that mom and dad want to follow Jesus. When you share with your kids something you are learning from your own Bible reading or from a Bible study you’re in or from a Christian book you’re reading or from a sermon you heard, its impact is immeasurable. It doesn’t matter how profound it is or how eloquently you explain it. It’s enough that you are wanting to follow Jesus and are putting your faith into practice.

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