4 Ways to Make Sure College Students Don’t Call The Crossing Home

  1. Act like they’re an inconvenience when they are back for school. I know, the streets are busier and parking can be a nightmare, but shouldn’t we be glad that college students are investing in our town and church, even if it’s just for a few years? Isn’t it worth a bit of inconvenience to have them here and for them to get to experience a church community in Columbia?
  1. Ignore them when you see them around the church building or in your kids’ classroom on Sunday mornings. Instead, talk to them when you see them sitting next to you. Ask them questions, introduce yourself, help them to feel welcome in a huge church body that can at times makes them feel anonymous.

  1. Don’t thank them. Without the college students who serve faithfully, many of our ministries wouldn’t be able to function the way they do. College students are there on Sunday mornings, throughout the week at events, and on trips, investing countless hours in the lives of The Crossing’s kids and students.
  1. Never ask them into your home. Many college students don’t get to see pictures faithful families – this includes godly marriages and parents who are trying to raise their kids to know the Lord. What a glorious thing it is to get to show how Christ transforms our families. And even with their new sense of freedom, college students still have a longing to belong somewhere and be cared for by those around them. So ask them to babysit for you. Invite them to your house for dinner with you or your family. I bet most of them would be thrilled at the opportunity to spend more time in homes of families at The Crossing.

God has placed The Crossing in a town of thousands of college students – students who are eager to figure out “what works for them” in life, and who will go on to impact every industry in the world. Let’s pray that God would use The Crossing in the lives of those students, that he would help them to see the beauty and truth of his gospel through the people they meet during their time here.

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