September, 2015

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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Are you saving enough?

I had the great opportunity to hear Jen Wilkin at the Revive 15 conference this past weekend. * It was a great conference pushing women to think seriously about their role as disciples and teachers of other women. She shared one illustration that really resonated with me:

 There was an older woman (we will call her Mrs. Smith for purposes of this story) who faithfully taught Jen Bible study when she was younger. Years passed, and they lost contact. Then a few sequence of events led Mrs. Smith to reach out to Jen, and they began catching up again. Mrs. Smith told Jen she had been battling stage 3 ovarian cancer for the past year, and things were fairly grim. Jen was understandably upset, yet at the same time encouraged as Mrs. Smith told Jen she was being sustained by drawing all on the deposits she herself had made in her savings account over the years.

Jen’s Bible teacher was not talking about her financial savings account down at the local bank.

All the Things That God Has Not Promised You (and a Few That He Has)

Get frustrated much?

Maybe you’re one of those people who tend to keep on the sunny side of life. But most of us don’t need much encouragement to stew over things, big or small, that irritate or anger us.

On those many occasions, we all know it’s helpful to spend some time thinking about something else. But what if that something else was all the things that God has not promised you? To be sure, the following list is suggestive, not exhaustive. But most of us should find at least a few things that are relevant to our lives.

God has not promised that…

The Heartbeat of Addiction

When reading C.S. Lewis, I don’t normally expect to stumble upon much of anything to do with the topic of addiction. Like many, somehow I have got it in my head that addiction is a modern phenomena. Movies, television and the increased sensationalization of epidemics – such as we are seeing with the current devastation

Songs and Scenes: September 27, 2015

Songs and Scenes Banner

Songs and Scenes is a weekly blog review of songs, readings and prayers featured in The Crossing’s Sunday morning liturgy. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs when available. This week’s liturgy review features photos by Andrew Herndon.

Saturday Mission Spotlight: Overview

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the first installment of a new ESI feature—Saturday Missions Spotlight (SMS).

My goal is to shine a light on all God is doing through The Crossing’s missions and ministry partnerships—locally and around the world—including short-term teams. May we praise God for His great work of bringing people to Christ.

  • Hopefully, all of us will be stimulated to pray for those laboring to share Christ’s love.
  • Some of us may be led to join their support teams giving of our treasure toward God’s work.
  • Others may give of our time by writing an email to encourage their work.
  • Still others may be led to give of our talents by getting more personally involved in missions.

Getting Ready for Sunday September 27th at The Crossing


Dave Cover continues this week our sermon series in the Gospel of John with a sermon entitled “Three Iconic Photos of Jesus,” from John 1:19–51. The Scripture, because it’s a longer passage, can be read here.

Here’s our song list for this Sunday (with links to lyrics and music):

When Sports Collide With Church And Family…Which One Wins?

Christine and I are out of town for a few days celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Here’s a post from a year ago that was popular.

Some topics are just too controversial for a pastor to go near. But, at great risk, I am going to write about one even though I might unintentionally offend you or make you angry. What’s the topic? Is it abortion or same sex marriage or politics? No, it is far more personal and therefore, for many, far more dangerous territory. It’s kids sports.

Does “Pray Without Ceasing” Apply to Moms, Too?

Do you think Paul ever talked to moms of young children when he commanded us to “pray without ceasing?” (1 Thess. 5:17). If you’re like me, your times spent in uninterrupted prayer are brief. Small children often mean time alone is rare, much less time to think! Even with the best of plans and intentions, these little babies wake up earlier than you planned or need a snack or a cuddle or some kind of care, and that prayer time you thought you were going to have never happened. 

Five Things to Keep in Mind if You’re a Perfectionist

It’s not easy being a perfectionist. I don’t say that because I’m some kind of psychological and behavioral expert. I know it both from observation as a pastor and from personal experience: I’m a card-carrying member of the club (he says, to the shock of no friend or family member).

And if you have a bit of the perfectionist in you, then I’m guessing you didn’t need me to tell you that it can be challenging. You’re well aware that you’re liable to get frustrated with others—spouse/kids/coworkers/friends/person in the next lane/etc.—when your (rather high) expectations aren’t met. You know that you may get even more frustrated when you don’t meet those expectations. You’d like to be more encouraging, but your focus continually goes toward what needs improvement. You don’t always like to delegate things to other people because you’re worried they may not have the same standard as you do. You’d sometimes rather not get started on a project because you’re worried you can’t do it as well as you’d like. And you get discouraged when you can seem to get on top of everything that needs your attention. We could go on.

Anger Revealed

I am an angry person. (Does my admitting this surprise you? It might, even if you know me fairly well.) But I can guarantee you it doesn’t surprise my kids. I don’t mean that I am the kind of angry person that runs around yelling or showing hostility whenever I don’t get my way. You’re