February, 2015

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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Getting Ready for Sunday March 1st at The Crossing


Worship on a Sunday starts before Sunday morning. That’s true not just for the band and the pastor and tech crew but for all of us. When you prepare ahead of time, you are getting yourself in the right frame of mind and heart. It gives you a chance to read the Bible passage in advance, see the song list, and get yourself ready. You can see some of the rationale here.

5 Things I Wish I did More as a Mom

Similar to the post I wrote two weeks ago about my role as a wife, I thought it would be worth my time to think of ways I could better myself as a mother. Parenting is one of the most humbling things I do, so there are certainly more than five things I wish I did more as a mom, but here are some of my initial reflections:

Point of Focus: Everyone’s a Music Critic

Everyone tends to have opinions about music in church. This month’s Point of Focus has a few thoughts on how to smooth the edges of your inner critic.

Depression: Warfare with the Sword of the Spirit

If you’ve ever experienced chronic undiagnosed car problems, you know exactly how frustrating this can be. Your car is suffering some minor malady – reduced mileage, strange noises, whatever – but the problem isn’t yet bad enough to cause a full-on breakdown. It just gnaws and gnaws at you day after day. Your best mechanic

Songs and Scenes, February 22, 2015

Songs-and-Scenes-Banner B

Songs and Scenes is a weekly blog review of songs, readings and prayers featured in The Crossing’s Sunday morning liturgy. Today’s liturgy recap features photos by Nate Herndon. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs when available.

Killing Christians Isn’t New

21 Egyptian men were killed by ISIS because they identified themselves as Christians. They join a long list of people in the history of the church who have given their life to follow Jesus. The Bible tells us to expect such treatment and yet it still comes as a surprise.

Christian martyrs aren’t new. The first martyr of the newly established church was Stephen whose death is recounted in Acts 7. James, who along with his brother John and Peter made up Jesus’ inner circle, was killed by King Herod in about 44 A. D.

The Cross is Worth Dying For

If you’ve seen the news this week, you likely saw that ISIS released a propaganda video Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians in Libya – “the people of the cross,” as ISIS describes them.

Many of us saw the news and felt shock, hurt, and deep sadness tangled up inside of us. There are so many questions, so much we want to ask as we mourn the lives of these men.

While there is no blog post that can do this topic justice or accurately celebrate these lives, I was reminded by these men that the cross is worth dying for. No matter what persecution or suffering awaits us, we are all better off not renouncing our faith, even if our lives here on earth will end. It is better to suffer for doing good, as 1 Peter 3 reminds us.

A Way You Can Be a Key Part of Your Church’s Mission

There’s a famous story told of five young college students visiting Charles Spurgeon’s London church to hear the famous “prince of preachers” give a message. Arriving early, they were greeted by a man who offered to show them around, particularly so they could see the church’s “heating plant,” despite the fact that it was a hot summer day.

Being polite, they followed the man to a door that he quietly opened. “This,” he told them, “is our heating plant.”

Fighting My Way Toward Gratitude

Last week, my husband Warren posted a blog about “Christian Fight Clubs” that definitely carried with it a male perspective on how to battle sin. Since then, I’ve been thinking how I might follow up on his line of thinking. I guess I’d like to suggest that starting a Christian Fight Club isn’t just for

Is 50 Shades of Grey a Good Jumpstart for Our Sex Lives?

The following is slightly updated from a previous guest post by Kelley Wampler. 

A few years ago, Dr. Oz, the physician turned popular talk show host, did a show on the success of the bestselling book 50 Shades of Grey. Oz’s goal for the show was to uncover the reason behind its crazy popularity. I’m sure there are many reasons why women are reading this book trilogy and are going to line up for the movie that opened this weekend. But, at least one significant one he suggested was that women were finding it helpful for their sex life. The show went on to make the case that “erotica” is a great solution to increasing a woman’s libido. But is that really true?