December, 2012

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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Not the Christ

One has to be exceedingly cautious when passing on second-hand information, but according to my buddy and old school chum Aaron Crews, Dr. Jay Sklar is fond of beginning at least some of his Covenant Seminary classes by asking all of the students to recite with him a brief-but-memorable creed: “I am not the Christ.

Songs and Scenes from Sunday, December 30, 2012

  This week’s music set-list review features photos by Nate Herndon. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs where available. Gathering Instrumental: Sojourner’s Song by David A. Cover, Andrew Luley and Andrew Camp  Worthy (You Are Worthy) by Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin. Arrangement

A Dead Man’s Resolutions

As the New Year quickly approaches, I’m already thinking about goals and resolutions. I want to eat healthier, work out more, clean more, read more etc. They’re all classic American New Year’s resolutions, about looking good and feeling good. None of them are bad, but I wonder if my New Year’s resolutions would be better

Christmas Eve at The Crossing: December 24, 2012

“The one who is the true light, who gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.” – John 1:9 “He was created of a mother whom He created. He was carried by hands that He formed. He cried in the manger in wordless infancy, He the Word, without whom all human eloquence is mute.”

Song and Scenes: The Fourth Sunday of Advent (December 23, 2012)

December 23 is the fourth Sunday of Advent 2012. Advent (which means “coming” or “arrival”) is a season where the church remembers Christ’s first coming and anticipates his promised return and is characterized by prayer, quiet waiting and joyful expectation. O Come, O Come Emmanuel – LM 88 88 (Veni Emmanuel), Words: Latin (12th century),

Leaving home – Coming home (part 1)

“How does it feel to be home?” It’s a question we’ve been asked a lot in the few months since we moved from London back to Missouri. It feels especially relevant now that we’ve finally moved into our house in Columbia (after living in Jeff City with my gracious in-laws). We are at the hanging

Sin, A Strange Stranger

Strangers can unsettle us. Especially strangers who, regardless of their intentions, strike us as threatening. A lone man smoking in a dark alley might not harm a fly, but he still puts the bravest pedestrian on alert. We intuitively feel the “strangerness” of strangers, as much as we feel the warmth of old friendships. Thus,

Point of Focus: Christmas Edition

It’s the season of giving, so how about a “Two for Tuesday”? This month’s Point of Focus will also help you remember the wonder that is Jesus’ Incarnation. Merry Christmas everyone!

In the Darkness Shines a Light

I find history absolutely fascinating. To look back, whether to distant ages or only a few brief years (the equivalent of a historical heartbeat), is to witness the most compelling of stories. And there is much to celebrate. Men and women of exceptional character and courage. Bright flashes of creativity and even genius. Noble sacrifices

Ten Days with Tozer

“How did I ever manage to live to the age of 51 without having ever once picked up a book written by A.W. Tozer?” That’s the question that I will be asking myself for some time to come, I suppose. This past Friday, I finished up ten days of devotional time spent with The Pursuit