April, 2011

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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Living Out Romans 12

Two weeks ago, I began introducing ESI readers to the nine teams that make up The Crossing’s Care Ministry, and I promised more information in subsequent posts. The Care Ministry exists because a remarkable number of people volunteer their time and talents to serve their brothers and sisters in Christ. This service is usually in

Benjamin Button Meets Jesus

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story that was adapted into a film in 2008, Benjamin Button ages backward. He was born as an old man and as he ages he actually becomes younger. That’s a picture of the Christian life that’s been really helpful for me lately. In the Christian life the more a person

The Crossing’s First Core Value

As I discussed last week, 11 years ago when The Crossing was nothing more than an idea, Keith and I wrote out what our Mission and Core Values were going to be as a new church in Columbia. It helped us define and focus on who and what we wanted to be and do as

Encouraging Voices

I’ve often been deflated by the great mass of misinformation and muddled thinking concerning religious (and specifically Christian) beliefs that makes its way to the web and other media. And yet, if I look around, I’m also liable to be encouraged by the cogency and even courage of others in these same venues. In the

Choosing Raw Obedience Over Endless Theologizing

Last week – on the evening of April 20, to be precise – Dave Cover, one of the pastors at The Crossing, spoke to a group of 18 adults on the difficult topic of forgiveness. This was not your typical gathering of Christian believers seeking to go deeper in their faith, however. Knowing just a

Resurrection Sunday – Songs and Scenes from April 24, 2011

This week’s music set review features photos by Scott Myers. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs where available. In Christ Alone by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty There in the ground His body layLight of the world by darkness slain:Then bursting forth in

Suffering With Christ

Suffering isn’t a topic for polite conversation. But it is something that I believe should be on all our minds this weekend. 2000ish years ago, the God of the universe suffered unlike any other in history. For you and for me. But of course we’re not spared from suffering. The apostle Paul and others in

The Dadgum FCA

As a board member of Mid-Missouri Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I want to use this blog to make a shameless plug for a fantastic organization in our local community which also happens to be supported by The Crossing. Scott Ashton has been the regional director of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for over ten years.

Did The Resurrection Really Happen?

It has been rightly said that the truth of Christianity rises and falls on the historical reality of Jesus’ bodily resurrection. Disprove that and the whole Christian faith comes tumbling down. There are a lot of good resources available that demonstrate that Jesus did rise from the dead. Here are a few that you can

The Crossing’s Mission and Core Values

About a month ago at The Crossing we had a members forum where we updated where we are as a church and where we’re wanting to go. Kind of a “State of the Church” thing that also allowed for questions from the congregation that would receive candid answers. Judging from the feedback we received from