October, 2010

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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Links of the Week

Here are some articles and blogs I found to be fruitful this week. Enjoy. A Lesson on Teen Sexuality and a Lesson on Statistics – Interesting research…and an interesting lesson on how statistics can sometimes mislead. As Christians we’d be wise to hear the second lesson, and not wig out over statistics and research that

Learning to Wait

Every once in a while, I find that the various ideas I am reading and learning about and discussing in Bible studies and in the weekly DivorceCare class that my husband and I facilitate begin to weave themselves together to teach me something more about trusting God – His plan, His timing, and His methods.

Fair Trade: Giving People A Chance

I’m rooting for Knights Apparel, the South Carolina based company that is the leading producer of college-logo apparel. I admit that it sounds weird to be a fan of a “for profit” company. But my support isn’t because I’m an investor or a stockholder. The reason that I’m rooting for Knights Apparel is because they

Is the Separation of Church and State Constitutional?

The issue of church-state separation was thrust into the forefront of public conversation once again last week courtesy of the debate between U. S. Senate candidates in Delaware. And while I don’t want to get into the relative merits of the candidates themselves, their discussion on this topic is worth discussing a bit further. The

Any Book But the Bible. Any Leader But Jesus.

Last week, The New York Times published a follow-up story marking the one-year anniversary of the deaths of Kirby Brown, 38, of Westtown, N.Y.; James Shore, 40, of Milwaukee; and Liz Neuman, 49, of Prior Lake, Minn. All three died on Oct. 8, 2009, in Sedona, Ariz., as a direct result of partaking in a

Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: October 24, 2010

This week’s music set-list review features photos by Gerik Parmele. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs (where available). This morning David lead us through a meditation (adapted from the men’s HighQuest study) on God as both our Creator and Redeemer. Specific scriptures were read

“Other People” and Their Fantasy Kingdoms

There’s this new Facebook game, in the vein of Farmville, called ESPNU College Town. Clearly I’m above wasting time on such games, but you know…other people might. And those “other people” have told me that it’s pretty fun. The concept is similar to Sim City, which hit the scene abou5 15 years ago. You build

Mining For Hope

I read the other day that approximately one billion people watched the Chilean miner rescue. Can you image that? That is approximately 1 out of every 7 individuals in the entire world. I have a hard time even thinking of that many people. Here are some examples to help you picture the reality of one

A Challenging Lesson from Money, Greed, and God (Chapter 3)

I’m currently teaching a Connections Class at The Crossing on Sunday mornings with Nathan Tiemeyer and Joe Haslag (an economics professor at MU). We’re using the book, “Money, Greed, and God,” by Jay Richards, covering a chapter per week in our class discussion. This week, we’re discussing Chapter Three—“Doesn’t Capitalism Foster Unfair Competition?” This chapter

Quick Hits

The Tiemeyer clan welcomed a new addition this past week: Benjamin William, a 7 lb., 9 oz. healthy baby boy. His mother is doing well and his siblings are thrilled, as demonstrated by his 2 year-old sister petting him like a horse. Of course, all the joy brings with it certain predictable side effects, like