August, 2010

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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Where Do Rights Come From?

The controversy surrounding California’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage (Proposition 8) has, from the start, involved a robust discussion of “rights.” Not that this is particularly unusual in our country. Pay attention to conversations in the public square for very long and you’ll inevitably hear a great deal of talk about rights, often prefixed with

What Should “All Things to All People” Look Like?

This past week, I unintentionally bumped into an episode of what I personally find to be “spectacularly unappealing” Christian evangelism, the very same kind of in-your-face, hellfire-and-brimstone technique that totally turned me off to Jesus when I was a young man. The photo below was taken with my cell phone at 1:12 p.m. on Wednesday,

Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs: August 29, 2010

This week’s music set-list review features photos by Gerik Parmele. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase versions of the songs as recorded by the original artists. Grace Undeserved by Andrew Camp, Christine Cover and David Cover Our call to worship was a song that expressed a humble dependence

What’s Your View of the Bible?

A section from The Jesus Storybook Bible has been ringing in my ears all week (if you have young kids, go buy this book now. If you don’t, I’d still consider it. The book is that good). For those of you at the service last week you’ll remember Candace Lawhon, one of our Children’s Ministry

One Thing

Let me set the scene for you. King David is personally under attack by people who have determined to do him harm. These evil men are bent on his total destruction. It’s almost as if an entire army of enemies have set themselves against him. Of course he’s afraid. Wouldn’t you be? When David gets

Tiger and the Constant Equation

So we read this week that Tiger Woods marriage is officially over. The divorce has been finalized. And although I personally rarely watch golf on TV, I can’t help but notice how badly Tiger Woods has played since the whole adultery thing blew up in his life. No doubt he was playing very good golf

One Body: Baptism at Hulen Lake

“For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit” (1 Cor. 12:12-13).

Without Honor: Part II

This past Friday, my wife wrote about the negative relational toll that often accompanies a confession of faith in Christ, particularly in those instances where repentance has come later in life. Regrettably, the newly-minted Christian will almost always have years – perhaps even decades – of sinful/stupid behavior that “lives on” in the hearts and

(Updated) Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs: August 22, 2010

This week’s music set-list review features photos by Scott Myers. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase versions of the songs as recorded by the original artists. Our call to worship (by Lorie King of Sojourn Community Church) centered around the Sursum Corda which is Latin for “Lift up

Evolution at The Smithsonian

“In seventh grade, however, the teacher presented the theory of evolution, and like the clear-sighted child in The Emperor’s New Clothes, young Patrick immediately recognized that it contradicted all his prior religious teaching. “I stood up in class and asked the nun, If Darwin’s theory is true, then how can the creation story in the