November, 2009

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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Fighting for Transparency in an Era that Enables Secrecy

As you surf the Web, you might easily make the mistake of assuming that Americans, by and large, live out their increasingly-messy private lives in the public eye. Nothing, it seems, is considered “off-limits” now that everyone with even the most basic computing skills has the ability to create their own Facebook account, blog or

“You Had to Go in an Outhouse?!?”

I’m thankful for my Thanksgiving lesson this year. While spending time with my husband’s parents this holiday weekend, one late night discussion turned to the topic of their childhood. What an incredible difference their way of life was from my current lifestyle! Consider some of the dissimilarities I learned of… Me: Wake up toasty warm

Preaching the Gospel (Part 2…sort of)

Last week I shared a video clip of Penn Jillette from Penn & Teller, in which he uses the phrase “How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize?” You can check out the post here. But sharing the gospel is difficult. It’s uncomfortable. I’m afraid that I’ll be thought a Jesus-freak, or

Religious Beliefs in the Public Square? It Apparently Depends…

Consider the case of a professing Christian law professor, by way of a master’s thesis completed at a divinity school and employing extensive biblical and theological argumentation, mounting a case to change an important aspect of public policy. Consider also the state governor, himself a Southern Baptist, not only thoroughly backing said change, but making

Developing a Preference for the Everyday Manifestations of God’s Power

As a brand-new believer (circa 1997, before I had actually bothered to read through the entire Bible), I rather blithely thought it would be pretty cool if God would “seal my salvation” somehow via the supernatural. I’d heard of people praying in tongues, miraculous cures brought about in answer to prayer, and so I ignorantly

Penn Jillette on Preaching the Gospel

Penn Jillette is from the well-known magician duo Penn and Teller. He’s rather famous and rather outspoken. Through radio, television, and even print, Penn’s opinions are made known to many. Penn is also an atheist, and holds to that view quite forcefully and with conviction. Thus, when I saw this video it sort of floored

The Search

While watching football this past weekend with my brother-in-law, my attention was drawn to a new commercial. It was immediately apparent this commercial bore a serious message. The ethereal chime of the background music and the hushed tone of the narrator drew me in fully. I was convinced by the 15 second mark this was

Dead Aid: How Aid Hurts Africa

While Dave was watching television and posting on a news story, I was reading a book by an African woman entitled Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working And How There Is A Better Way For Africa. I haven’t finished the entire book and thus wasn’t planning on posting on this topic quite yet but

Have You Seen This on ABC News?

Let me throw this out there for thought… In a recent story on ABC News entitled, “Refugee Aid Dependency,” the question is asked—“Are people in refugee camps becoming dependent on humanitarian aid?” I watched this story yesterday and was surprised by their analysis. After viewing it for yourself here (you may have to watch an

Small Victories

As a parent, I’ve begun to look for small victories. My son Jack is approaching three years of age. His sister Hannah turned one in October. As you might imagine, their interaction with one another doesn’t always ooze peace and love. Two things contribute a great deal to the problems: Jack has developed typical toddler