September, 2009

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Monthly Archives: September 2009

The Broadway Brewery

Here’s a new local restaurant tip: The Broadway Brewery has just opened up downtown on the south side of Broadway between 8th and 9th Streets (or between Sycamore and Tellers). It’s down those steps off the side walk, just next door to where The Root Cellar is. Check out their web site here, where you

Good and Bad Reasons for Wanting to be a Dad

I’m going to be a dad in a few months. As I contemplated that this morning, I asked myself a question that was rather elementary. I’m sure I had asked myself this question in one form or another previously, but never quite as directly as today. Why do I want to be a dad? There

Was Adam a Real, Historical Individual?

Throughout this history of the church, good theologians have always maintained that God gives us two kinds of revelation: one that comes through his word, i.e., that which we have in the Bible and is necessary to know Christ (2 Tim. 3:15-16, 2 Pet. 1:20-21), and the other that comes through the natural world (Psa.

6 Strategies I Might Try If I Were Satan

If generals study their enemy’s positions searching for vulnerabilities they can exploit and offensive coordinators watch hours of their opponents games on film hoping to find one or two weak spots that they can attack, and CEO’s pour over market research seeking an advantage against the competition, then surely Satan and his demons put great

A Picture Worth Thinking About

There are some photos out now of the kind that never ceases to fascinate me. I sometimes can’t help but stare at them in wonder and astonishment. Have you seen them? Someone in our church recently emailed me a link to an amazing panorama of the Milky Way Galaxy, which of course is simply the

What if the World Were Entirely Christian?

Earlier today I was google-searching, attempting to find the source of a specific C.S. Lewis quote. Somehow, as I was doing so, I stumbled upon this Yahoo Answers site. The question posed was this: “What would life and the Earth be like if everyone was of Christian belief?” There are two pages of answers, but

Kanye West, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, and You

What do Kayne West, Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, and many Christians have in common? (And in case you’re wondering, Luke and I wrote our posts independently of each other a few days ago only to find out that we’d used some of the same current events to make different points.) West has had a hugely

The Culture of Self-Promotion

David Brooks, a columnist for the NYT whom I read as often as possible, had a great column in Tuesday’s edition titled, High-Five Nation. In it he contrasts the recent self-promotion and blatant egocentric outbursts we have seen amongst celebrities lately with the more humble, understated culture of a previous generation. Brooks writes: When you

A Surprising Command in Scripture

“Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” That proverb is at least 1,000 years old in the English language (see Chaucer, 12th century). Another is like it; “The Devil finds work for idle hands to do.” These proverbs have lasted a millennium because generation after generation finds, or rediscovers, them to be true. But the principle

The Difference Between Selfishness and Self-Centeredness

This may be an exercise in splitting hairs, but humor me. I think there’s a difference between selfishness and self-centeredness. At least in the way I think of them. I view selfishness as essentially a conscious and intentional act. If I’m being selfish I’m presented with two options, and I essentially understand that I’ve got