July, 2009

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Monthly Archives: July 2009

Food, Inc and Omnivore’s Dilemma

Those of you who have taken our Discovery Class, and particularly week 5, should not be surprised to discover that I strongly believe the gospel informs us and empowers us with a Creation and Cultural Mandate to be redemptive in how we see and do our vocations, how we enjoy and participate in the arts,

Early to Bed and Early to Rise…

Ben Franklin may have had it right….except for one small thing. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man and a woman healthy, wealthy, and wise.” With two small kids, one of the hardest things for me is finding quiet time to read and reflect on God’s Word and pray each day. I’ve

Saturday Links

Here are some things I found interesting this week. The topics include: Television, gender neutrality, C.S Lewis, sports lessons, scenic beauty, Facebook, and Matt Holliday….enjoy.John Piper on Television – Don’t read this as my personal recommendation (or most definitely not The Crossing’s recommendation) for how you should never watch television. But if you’re like me

Faith in the Midst of Trial

We all know “stressful seasons of life.” That’s how I would have described situation of my close friends, Robbie and Jane-Ellis, a few weeks ago. Jane-Ellis was nearing the due date of their third child, and they were scheduled to close on both the sale of their house and the purchase of a new one

Hosea, Adultery, and God

Adultery is a horrific thing. My wife saw He’s Just Not That Into You in the theaters some months back. One character (played by Bradley Cooper), has an affair in the film. My wife literally now can’t look at his face in previews or other movies without becoming extremely angry (and for the record, she

Controversial Collins Nominated to Head National Institutes of Health

President Obama recently nominated Dr. Francis Collins to head the National Institutes of Health, a position that directs an annual budget of almost $30 billion. Having directed the effort to map the human genome, Collins is one of the world’s preeminent scientists. And it appears likely he’ll be confirmed to the post in question with

Famine Relief In Kenya

Racefield School is one of The Crossing’s ministry partners in Kenya. Recently they sent us a note explaining that their part of the country was experiencing a severe famine and therefore they were unable to provide food for the orphans and students involved in the school. In response The Crossing sent some money that would

Money and Evil

“Money is the root of all evil.” This isn’t an unheard of statement. People use it all the time. Type it in Google, you’ll find plenty of people using the phrase. One big misconception, however, is that it is found in the Bible. Well, it’s not. The ESV renders this verse (which is 1 Timothy

The Power and Limitation of Lewis’ Trilemma

Teaching the Mere Christianity class this summer has given me the opportunity to work back through a classic. I’ve appreciated revisiting several parts of the book that had a profound effect on me when I first read it several years ago. And virtually every time I read Lewis, I’m reminded of his ability to say

What I Learned In Washington D.C.

Last fall, my wife and I decided that this summer we’d take a family vacation to Washington D.C. So we recently loaded the 4 kids into the minivan and began our trek that included a stop in Canton, OH to see the NFL Hall of Fame. Arriving in D.C. on July 1, we packed in