May, 2009

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Monthly Archives: May 2009

A Compelling Apologetic

An “apologetic” is a defense. In Christian terms, it refers to the defending of biblical faith through evidence, logic, etc. I want to highlight briefly today one of the most compelling apologetics for my money. Now, let’s be clear, an apologetic is not an airtight argument for the trustworthiness of Scripture or the validity of

In Defense of Mystery

Left to my own devices, I don’t care a great deal for genuine mystery. In saying that, I don’t at all mean that I dislike, say, mystery as a method of story-telling. I’m a devoted fan of the TV show Lost, for example. That show’s ability to keep me and every other viewer constantly wondering

Ten Things I Think I Think About Satan And Demons

1. I think I think that the spirit realm is a lot more prevalent in the Scriptures than it is in our thinking. And that’s a problem. There is something about the western mindset that causes us to read countless biblical passages while (unintentionally) ignoring references to angelic/demonic forces. As I’ve been following The Crossing’s

Who Does God “Call”?

There are two kinds of calls in scripture: General and Effectual Calling And it’s easy to get confused about them. There are those occasions in the Bible where Jesus may say something like, “Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matt 22:14). In that statement, it’s obvious that Jesus means that not everyone who is

Art That Offends

Wendell Berry writes in Sex, Economy, Freedom, and Community of playwright, Arthur Kopit, who said this of one of his plays: “I am immodestly proud that it is written in consistently bad taste. It’s about vile people who do vile things. They are totally loathsome, and I love them all…. I am almost positive it

A Quick Thought From My Week

Last week I completed my final full load at seminary. I walked out excited and relieved, but nearly completely drained, both physically and emotionally. So, I took this week off. No studying, very little work. I called it the “week of Justin” (I’m a Seinfeld fan, and since I couldn’t have a “summer of George,”

A Surprising Ally

As a Christian trying to pay attention to the ongoing cultural dialog (sometimes better characterized as a steel-cage match) concerning the relationship between faith and science, I’ve recently been intrigued by the voice of someone who, in many respects, might be considered an unlikely ally. Stanley Fish currently serves as the Davidson-Kahn Distinguished Professor of

Finding The Right Motivation

Everyone is looking for motivation. Parents wonder how to motivate their kids to work hard at school. Employers offer bonuses to motivate their staff to meet productivity goals. We make bets with friends to help motivate us to lose weight. A coach sets goals to motivate the team to work hard in the off-season program.

Three Most Common Objections Some Have to Predestination

Last Sunday I preached my sermon on the next passage as we progress through our sermon series on Romans 1-8. So I preached on Romans 8:29-30 and titled the sermon, “The Golden Chain of Five Links.” That title did not originate with me, of course. It’s referred as that by many Christian teachers, because it

Mark in 2 Acts

One of the most amazing things about the Bible is that you can read the same books over and over again throughout your life and each time make new discoveries, draw new connections, see more truth. One piece of advise I have found helpful in order to glean more insight from books you have already