April, 2009

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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Swine Flu, The Gospel, and Paquin Towers

The Swine Flu has dominated the headlines for the past few days with news of at least 150 dead in Mexico and now one death reported in the United States. Although approximately 35,000 Americans die of influenza each year, new flu viruses pose a different kind of danger because there isn’t a vaccine available and

Our Trip to the Gospel Coalition Conference

Last week we took 17 of our staff to the Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. It was a time for us to participate together in a conference attended by over 3,300 people, mostly pastors, and a surprising number of them in their 20’s or early 30’s. That was exciting for me to see, and motivating

Photons, Freedom, and Sovereignty

I was recently having a great conversation with some folks about the relationship between God’s sovereign reign over his creation and human freedom. The question was posed to me: “What are the percentages?”“The what?”“The percentages. What percent of the sovereignty do we have in our decision making and what percent does God keep for himself?”

Lessons from a Day Spent Watching Technology

Recently, in preparation for a talk I was giving, I tried to make a list of every piece of technology I came across in a single day. The list got very long, very quickly. I wrote down everything from the pen and Post-Its I was making the list on to things like the internet or

Landscaping and Fruit-Bearing

It was 85 degrees here in Columbia yesterday. Supposed to be 78 today. And 81 tomorrow. The sun’s shining. The grass is greening, dogwoods are blooming, and trees are leafing. Spring has finally sprung. If you’re like me you deeply appreciate the beauty of spring with its unique aromas and sights. Fresh cut grass, the

If You Lose the Bible, You Lose God

I was reminded of a critically important truth this week by a former professor of mine, Bryan Chapell. Speaking on 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5 at a conference I was attending, Dr. Chapell mentioned the stark consequences of a failure to hold fast to the Bible’s trustworthiness (listen to the entire message here). The gist of what

Mathew Patrick Brown (2009-2009)

Many of our staff are out of town at a conference this week which explains the absence of blog posts. In light of that I thought that I would pass on a moving story about a couple who adopted a baby boy knowing that he would only live a short time. HT: Justin Taylor

Dying While They Live

Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon starred in a critically acclaimed 1995 film, Dead Man Walking. The film was well received and remembered largely due to the superb writing and acting. But it was memorable for another reason as well — what a title! The power of that phrase, dead man walking, is quite profound. It

The Emptiness of Atheism

The New Statesman has an interesting article by A. N. Wilson explaining his move from atheism to belief in God. Wilson is a well known English novelist and critical biographer who some years earlier had considered himself a Christian. So if you’re keeping score at home his journey has moved from Christianity to atheism and

What Will Your Name Be in Heaven?

If you listened to my sermon this past Easter Sunday, perhaps you noticed that my title—“What Will Your Name Be in Heaven?”—was never addressed in the sermon. That’s one of the unfortunate things about having to turn in our sermon titles on the Wednesday before the Sunday we preach. Things can change considerably in sermon