March, 2009

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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Why the Cross?

I had never thought of the question before, but while reading through my daily dose of Calvin’s Institutes the other day the great reformer began explaining why it had to be a cross that Jesus died on and nothing else. Think about it for a minute. If we take as a given that Jesus did

Wonder and Miracle

I found myself thinking this morning about something Denis Haack said at the L’abri Conference: “If you are too busy for wonder, you are too busy.” I find it so easy to be practical in my daily life. I drive my car and feel the air and am awoken by the sun in my window

Francis Schaeffer, Peter Singer, and the Logical Conclusions of Beliefs

Luke’s post earlier this week on Peter Singer reminded me of the importance of thinking deeply and consistently about the logical conclusions of our beliefs. Of course, that idea is by no means original to me. It was driven home in my own life several years ago when I read Francis Schaeffer’s classic The God

An Honest Atheist?

Peter Singer is one of the most controversial figures in America. The bioethics professor from Princeton cheerfully advocates euthanasia and what may be called “fourth term abortions” – the option of killing babies for a certain amount of days after they have been born if the mother decides she does not want to keep it

Redemption From and Redemption To

Last week we talked about this word “redemption.” When we hear that word, we often think of salvation, being free from hell, etc. This part of redemption, being redeemed from, is crucially important to every Christian. If we don’t get that concept – that we are culpable for sin and subject to eternal punishment, and

Why Weep?

In his letter to the church in Rome, Paul writes, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep” (Rom. 12:15). It’s the latter phrase I want to reflect on just briefly. Paul’s command actually raises an important practical question. Why should Christians weep? After all, hasn’t Christ risen from the grave? Hasn’t he

There Is A Crisis Everywhere!

Turn to any media outlet and you instantly bombarded with the “crisis of the day.” Some are real and genuine while others are probably ordinary problems that have been raised to “crisis level” in order to get attention. There’s the Bernie Maddoff ethical crisis, the AIG bonus crisis, the banking crisis, the housing crisis, the

Should You Buy a Kindle?

If you use to purchase your books, or anything else for that matter, no doubt you’ve seen their oft-offered new product, the Kindle 2. The Kindle is Amazon’s own electronic text reader, which is able to display e-versions of books, newspapers, and magazines purchased through Amazon, as well as your own personal texts (ie,

Characters in the Proverbs

If you are following along with The Crossing’s Bible Reading Plan, then you have been working through the first few chapters of Proverbs over the last couple weeks. I have been doing the reading in my new ESV study Bible (available at the bookstore and highly recommended by Dave Cover). Whenever I start a new

What Does It Mean To Be Human?

The phrase “human nature” has negative connotations. When someone says “that’s just human nature” they are usually talking about something sad. When someone says, “I am just a human” they are usually excusing their own limitations. But the word human ought not to mean something small or ugly or evil. It is glorious to be