January, 2009

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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Warren vs. Robinson: Two Pastors, Two Prayers, Two Gods

I hope that you were able to see at least the important parts of the presidential inauguration on Tuesday. Since I couldn’t watch it live, I made a point to watch some of the extensive coverage available via the web on my iphone while at the gym the next morning. There is so much to

Why Start Your Bible in the New Testament

Or, Why you should not read your Bible (for the first time) in the order it’s published. This blog post is inspired by an important question/comment posted by someone on my last blog entry. I felt it warranted more attention, so I’m blogging on it further here. The question is, in a nutshell, If the

2009 Kenya Update (1)

Each year The Crossing increases the percentage of its budget that is directed toward missions – here in Columbia, across the US, and abroad. We hope to continue this pattern for many years to come. Many people at our church are not even aware of the various ministry partnerships we have developed over the past

Everything I think about Heaven I got from C. S. Lewis (2)

“Your soul has a curious shape because it is a hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance, or a key to unlock one of the doors in the house with many mansions. For it is not humanity that is to be saved, but you – you, the

Thoughts On Fighting With Your Spouse On Christmas Morning

There’s never really a good time to get in an argument with your wife. Or your husband. But Christmas morning is an especially poorly chosen moment. But, of course, that’s when I decided to start one. The pinnacle of the fight occurred when my wife (Jen) was describing why she was quiet and a little

Would You Have Been Thrown Into the Lion’s Den?

The Book of Daniel has it all: intrigue, suspense, moral dilemmas, legal maneuvering, power struggles… not to mention supernatural beings, miracles, and glimpses into the future. All this makes for a handful of highly memorable stories that have instructed and encourage God’s people for thousands of years (and continue to leave subtle imprints in our

Book Recommendation: Unpacking Forgiveness

Somehow Chris Braun, pastor of the Congregational Christian Church in Stillman Valley, Illinois, has managed to write a book that is biblically faithful, theologically nuanced, clear, practical, and fun to read. In Unpacking Forgiveness Braun has a written a book that every Christian would greatly benefit from and that I personally thoroughly enjoyed. Starting with

Is the Bible Really Written for YOU?

One of the important tenets of correct biblical interpretation is the understanding that every book of the Bible was written by a human author, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to a specific audience, with specific circumstances, at a particular place and time in history. So, to use an extreme example to make the point, when

Calvin’s 500th and the Year of the Bible

2009 marks the 500th birthday anniversary of John Calvin, the great reformer of the 1500’s. His most famous work, his magnum opus, is a little 1800 page volume called The Institutes of the Christian Religion. In celebration of his birth-year a number of blogs are guiding a reading program through the institutes over the course

The Crossing’s Pond: A Peek Behind the Curtain

The following is an interview with Leszek Vincent, a plant scientist that has done a lot of work on the Crossing pond. I wanted to have a conversation with him coming from the perspective of botany and life sciences as art in order to pick Leszek’s brain about some of the things he has done