2009 Kenya Update (2)

As I mentioned in my last post, The Crossing has a number of ministry partnerships in Kenya. I already highlighted one of our partners, the Pamoja Orphanage in central Kenya. Today, I want to share an update with you regarding two other ministries we support regularly: the Pisti School in Nairobi and the Racefield School in central rural Kenya.

Pistis School

The Pistis School is a school for the children of students at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate Seminary (NEGST) – one of the premier Evangelical seminaries in Africa. Students from all over Africa come to NEGST to be trained theologically at a high level in order to return to their home countries and preach the news of the gospel of Christ. They come to seminary at great cost. Many are not wealthy and sacrifice much to seek out the training they will attain at NEGST. Thus, we see the care of their families during this important part of their life as an important service and ministry with which we can partner.

18 different nationalities are represented at the Pistis School. The enrollment has grown in the last year to around 80 kids. Also, Kenyan children from the surrounding impoverished area are also accepted into the school even though their parents do not attend NEGST.

Crossing Kids has had a relationship with this school for a few years now. They have exchanged letters of encouragement and shared what their respective lives are like with one another. Our kids have made them gifts and sent them across the world.

Our support for the school generally comes by way of sponsoring special projects as they arise. In the past, we have helped them acquire a copy machine for the teacher work room and some projects we look forward to this year will be expanding a library of donated books, aiding in tuition costs, and establishing a system to provide lunches for at risk kids.

Racefield School

While the Pistis School is in Nairobi, the largest city center in East Africa, the Racefield School is in a very impoverished and rural area in central Kenya. This is one of our newest partnerships and is truly an incredible story.

A Kenyan couple, Sam and Felistus, both with good paying jobs in Nairobi left the city to start this school for at-risk orphans. They used their own funds to start this school. The school is staffed primarily by volunteer teachers who live in very cramped and sub-par housing. What is amazing about this school is the teachers are incredibly good at motivating and inspiring their students to study and work hard. Though one of the poorest schools in the region, they regularly take top marks on standardized tests. Because of this, students have begun to flock to this school from all over the region – not just the orphans in the small community – to get the best education possible.

Not only do the teachers and staff push students to excel in their studies, they also disciple them spiritually, truly investing in their lives outside of the classroom as well as within. It is this holistic Christian worldview that makes us especially excited to partner in ministry with the Racefield School.

They have recently completed a drip irrigation project, which will help with their garden and crop production – both are resources they rely on to feed the students. Their next goals are to add a number of rain-water collection tanks to increase the amount of potable water available as well as to construct more decent housing for the teachers at the school.

There was a beautiful moment when Cami (The Crossing’s impromptu and volunteer liaison to Kenya) arrived at the school along with a representative from Feed the Children. She had expected him to take some notes, ask some questions, and check in with his bosses before making any decisions about supporting the school. This representative was so impressed with the industriousness and work ethic of the staff and students upon meeting them, however, that he announced Feed the Children would guarantee rice for the school for at least a year. Rice in this area is a delicacy (because it is very arid and rice requires very wet conditions to grow) and the students erupted in spontaneous celebration, laughing, and tears.

Great things are happening all over the world. God’s grace is abundant. We feel honored, here at The Crossing, to partner in ministry with these and other faithful Christians in Kenya, advancing the gospel, loving kids, and serving our God together.

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