November, 2008

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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Charles Spurgeon’s Excellent Daily Devotion

There are many good daily readings, also called “devotions,” that are soul- and heart- and mind-inspiring reflections written by more mature Christians who are down the road, so to speak, in their Christian walk. God really seems to use these devotions in my life in a good way. I like to start off my Bible

Weekly Roundup

Today: A roundup of the thoughtful, insightful, outrageous and entertaining content I ran across this week. I hope it serves you well. A Theology of FacebookIf you are reading this blog there is a 90% chance you also have a Facebook page. Have you thought much about the implications of this particular technology for your

Why I Am A Christian (7)

Christianity is a timeless message that is revealed in time. The fact that it is revealed in time makes it adaptable, and it’s timelessness makes it liberating. By timeless, I mean that it is a voice from outside any human culture across time and geography but is able to speak in to those cultures an

Pornography, Lust, and Covenant Eyes

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” – Matthew 5:27-28 (TNIV) A scary comment, is it not? Lust is an issue that is all too common to the human

The Obama Faith Interview

Chicago Sun Times religion columnist Cathleen Falsani has recently consented to allow the full transcript of her 2004 interview with now President-elect Barak Obama to be published. Because Obama speaks fairly extensively and quite candidly with Falsani about his religious background, beliefs, and practices, it proves to be a fascinating read. And given that political

Christianity vs. Moral Therapeutic Deism

Are you a Christian or are you a member of the growing new American religion called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism? That’s an important question to ask based on new research by Christian Smith and others at the National Study of Youth and Religion at the University of North Carolina. After conducting 3000 interviews with teenagers, Smith

Jonah’s prophecy and idolatry

Remember about a month ago I recommend you purchase the new ESV Study Bible (you can still buy one at our bookstore for what we pay for it). It is a great resource for you to have when you want to study or just read the Bible. I was reading my own ESV Study Bible

For Your Blogging Pleasure

Our hope here at Every Square Inch is to think well about how the Biblical worldview shapes the way we see all of life: culture, family, art, politics, economics, sports, and everything else. But just in case you are left wanting a little bit more access to good content, commentary, and conversations about these very

Why I Am A Christian (6)

To quote Jerram Barrs, “The message of the gospel is timeless, but it is always revealed in time.” What does this mean? That the gospel is “once for all delivered to the saints” However, the gospel does not enter into a vacuum, but into a human culture. The gospel and culture are not in opposition,

What Do You Love?

In Christian circles we probably pay the most attention to two questions when it comes to our personal lives: What do you believe? and What do you do? These are perfectly appropriate questions. The call of the gospel goes out and it asks the most important question we will answer: what do you believe? Do