October, 2008

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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Lewis on Communicating Our Faith

Few modern writers have been able to communicate the truth of the Christian faith as effectively as C. S. Lewis. It only makes sense then, pay attention to a few of the things he had to say on the subject. In an essay entitled “Christian Apologetics,” he offers this observation: Our business is to present

Osteen, Shuller, and Thermometers

I’ve recently been reading fairly extensively on Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights movement and have been really captured by King’s personality, convictions, and commitment to endure great suffering for a cause he believed in. While I will probably say more about all that later, this morning there’s a line from King’s Letter

Elections and Abortion (Version 2.0)

After a week of thinking about and discussing my previous blog post with various people, I concede that my blog was too politically directed. I certainly have a lot to learn about blogging (and being a pastor, for that matter) and, if I had it to do over again, I would word it differently and

Theology of Art 201

Last week I sent you to a couple links that, for me, are examples of a great and beautiful truth: God is the original Artist and cares deeply about the art we create as well. (Read the first post here.) As this truth has sunk in more and more over the past few years, my

Doing Our Husbands Good

As every wife (and husband) knows, marriage can be difficult. At times we can get frustrated with our spouse, discouraged in our marriage, and downright selfish. What can be expected when one sinful person is married to another sinful person, right? But, the Bible calls wives to do our husbands good. It says of the

Why I Am A Christian (3)

I met a guy in an airport once who was explaining to me his perspective on life. He was saying that it didn’t matter what anyone believes about the universe because when we die we will find that all roads lead to the same place. It is like we are all climbing a mountain though

Your Turn: Christ and Politics

Before we begin I must make a few comments: 1. Of the regular bloggers at EverySquareInch, I am most likely the least politically aware.2. I’m 26…thus I don’t have a wide base of experience and maturity to draw from.3. I generally lean toward the Republican side, but disagree with the oft-said premise in some circles,

An Answer to a Bedtime Prayer?

I would imagine that my family is similar to many who have small kids in that we’ve established a bedtime routine. For most of my son Jack’s twenty-one month old life, his evening has wound down with a bath (toward which he is, as only a toddler can be, alternatively excited, indifferent, or opposed), followed

Ten Things I Think I Think About Parenting

Last week I took a stab at ten things I think I think about marriage. Today let’s shift to parenting. 1. I think I think that parenting is more difficult than it looks. When my wife and I didn’t have kids, it was easy to look at those who did and think, “We’ll do it

Hard Questions About Obama and Abortion Every Christian Should Ask

I can’t stop thinking about it. Up until fairly recently I’ve listened to Barack Obama talk about how he wants to find ways to have less abortions in our country—that, while deciding exactly when a baby becomes a human life is “above his pay grade,” in essence he shares common ground with those who see