July, 2008

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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Knowledge of the Holy (2)

More thoughts from A. W Tozer’s book, The Knowledge of the Holy: “A right conception of God is basic not only to systematic theology but to practical Christian living as well. It is to worship what the foundation is to the temple; where it is inadequate or out of plumb the whole structure must sooner

Knowledge of the Holy (1)

This morning I was re-reading a wonderful chapter from A. W. Tozer’s book, Knowledge of the Holy, and wanted to post some quotes from the chapter as well as thoughts about them. “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us… That our idea of God correspond

Not The Way It’s Supposed To Be

Death is an awful thing. I’m a pet person, always have been. I love the companionship provided by a cat or a dog. To that end, my wife and I (she shares my pet affinity) got a kitten a few years ago. Lucy, our petite calico has brought much joy to our lives. But where

Cohen on “The Ends of Science”

It’s by no means a stretch to suggest that the relationship between science and faith is a topic of significant interest among Christians. For example, this very blog has seen a fair amount of discussion regarding the topic. Additionally, the question regarding scientific evidence for Christianity that Dave will be addressing this Sunday actually received

What Attracts People To Christianity?

Several of us on staff at The Crossing are reading an interesting book entitled unchristian. Others have posted on it and I’m sure that you will hear more about it in the future. You can’t read the book without thinking about how Christians and the church are viewed by those who don’t share the same

Batman: The Dark Knight

Along with millions of other Americans, I caught a Friday showing of The Dark Knight. I’ve actually been a fan of comic books and super-heroes ever since I can remember, so I was eager to see the follow-up for what in my mind is one of the best comic adaptations to the big screen ever

Information Sabbath

I have been thinking about Ryan’s message from a week ago: No Sabbath for the Weary? There are a few “top contenders” in my life that are always vying for my time. Obviously my wife, friends and job are all in the running. But another top contender that I have noticed more and more recently

God is not Dead

My degree from MU is in Philosophy. When I was studying during undergrad, one of the most common questions I heard from concerned Christians was: “Isn’t it hard to be a Christian in that environment? It cant be easy for you to grow in your faith in such an anti-Christian discipline.” I understood their concern.

Tony Snow 1955-2008

Tony Snow, a conservative political columnist and White House Press Secretary for Bush, died early Saturday morning.Here is the full text of the article I read from during yesterday’s sermon: Cancer’s Unexpected Blessings, published in Christianity Today. It is well worth reading in its entirety.

Athletes and God

For those of you who are interested in the intersection between God and sports, CBS Sportsline columnist Greg Doyle recently opined on the subject of inconsistency between the words and lives of athletes confessing a Christian faith. The article is worth reading if for no other reason than to drive home the point that such