May, 2008

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Monthly Archives: May 2008


The Millenial generation is comprised of people born between 1980-1995. And like every generation from Boomers to Gen-Xers, Millenials share a somewhat unique perspective on the world. This past week 60 Minutes ran a 12:00 segment on how this generation is adapting to the work place. It’s well worth watching.

How Dads Can Create A Great Family Vacation

With summer upon us, many families will be taking vacations. Every parent begins those vacations with high hopes of getting some rest, watching their family bond together, and creating special memories. But we all know from experience (or maybe I’m just projecting myself onto others) that those high hopes can crash on the rocks of

Not Meant To Be Alone

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve just finished my second year at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis (Dave, Ryan, Nathan, and Kermit all preceded me). So, as is the case for most full time students, May is a bit of a stressful time. So here is the rundown of my past

Helping Kids Embrace the Wonders of Science and the Wonder of God

As I wrote in my last blog (by the way, I for one hate that word blog—it sounds like some unfortunate onomatopoeia for endless chatter. Anyway…back to my blaugh…), Dr. John Collins, a favorite seminary professor or mine who teaches Hebrew and Old Testament at Covenant Seminary, has written a helpful book entitled Science and

More on the Manifesto-Pt. 3

Having looked at the first two mandates of the recently released “Evangelical Manifesto” in greater detail, we can now turn our attention its third and final charge: we must rethink our place in public life. Once again, I’ll offer several excerpts, beginning with this section’s initial paragraph: We must find a new understanding of our

How Many Storage Units Can You Fill?

I’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of people (and families) spend 100% their income. Very few people save. Fewer yet choose to live a lifestyle below their income level in order to be generous with their money. Many actually spend more money than they make accumulating consumer debt via credit cards. What does that say

Survey on Biblical Literacy

Some interesting reading: New Testament professor Matt Harmon shares a few of the results from a new international survey on biblical literacy along with some observations of his own. HT: Biblical Theology, Between Two Worlds

They Love Jesus But They Don’t Like The Church

Michael Craven writes about this phenomena on Here are a couple of salient paragraphs. “This appears to be a growing sentiment among many younger Christians in America today. They love Jesus but they want little to do with His Church. It’s not that they don’t like the their local church or even other Christians—it’s

Is It Fair That Jesus Is The Only Way To God?

R.C. Sproul gives a provocative answer to that question in this 7:00 minute video.

More on the Manifesto-Pt. 2

Having already taken a closer look at the need to reaffirm out identity, the first of three mandates within the recently released “Evangelical Manifesto,” today I’d like to focus on the second: the need to reform our behavior. Once again, I’ll provide some of the relevant excerpts, along with a few comments. This section begins