10 Quotes From Befriend by Scott Sauls

befriendYou might remember that Scott Sauls, pastor in Nashville, spoke at a college conference that The Crossing hosted last winter and then did us the favor of staying one more day so that he could preach on Sunday morning. I’ve known Scott for a few years and always thought he was a great guy but then he wrote the book Jesus Outside The Lines and lots of people found out that he has a lot of wisdom to share especially when it comes to relating to the people who live around us that aren’t Christians.

Recently he released a new book entitled befriend. The subtitle does a pretty good job explaining the heart of the book, “create belonging in an age of judgment, isolation, and fear”. Scott is convinced that Christians are retreating from culture and trying to find protected enclaves with people who are like us. This runs so contrary to the spirit and model of Jesus who always pursued the “other” person, the person different than him whether it be the woman who was treated with condescension, the sinner with the reputation, the alienated leper, the overlooked blind man, the unwanted tax collector.

Some of you (like my wife) will be motivated to read Scott’s book because Ann Voskamp is a big fan and wrote the forward!

10 Quotes from befriend

1. “Real love, real friendship, is vulnerable. And risky. And costly. And discomforting. And disquieting And agitating like sandpaper sometimes. But the alternative is a heart that ends up in a relational casket or coffin. And who wants that?”

2. “After 18 years of pastoral ministry, I have never met a person who fell in love with Jesus because a Christian scolded them about their ethics. Have you?”

3. “Imagine Christians feeding Syrian Muslims while ISIS beheads Christians. Does love go this far? Can love go this far? Should love go this far? Love did go this far.”

4. “As Anne Lamott says, ‘You can safely assume you’ve created God in your image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.'”

5. “He told me that the moment he decided to trust me, the moment he decided that I was his pastor, was when I told the whole church that I have struggled with anxiety and depression and that I have seen a therapist for many years.”

6. “I need you to call my bluff. You need me to call your bluff too.”

7. “Compassion for the poor–like all true forms of love–will be messy, costly, and inconvenient. But sometimes things that are messy, costly, and inconvenient are the most worthwhile things.”

8. “I’m starting to see that because I haven’t lived the minority experience and because I have for all my life “reaped comfort from being white” in a white-dominated society, I should be quick to listen and slow to speak.”

9. “As I think about my own position, I really don’t have any basis for indignation about the extravagance of others. As with every other thing, I need to examine my own situation and heart with thoughtfulness, care, and big doses or reality.”

10. “If I feel more of a kindred solidarity with those who share my politics but not my faith than I feel with those who share my faith but not my politics, what does it say about me?”


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