10 Prayers for Ministries, Missions and Partners:

Here are 10 ways to pray for The Crossing’s ministries, missions and partners this week:

  1. Pray for those leading For Columbia teams and for those preparing to serve this coming Sat., April 29th. Pray also for those who will receive the service of these volunteers.

    48 local churches. Over 2,000 volunteers. Dozens of work sites. Hundreds to serve. One name to honor. (Phil. 2:9-11)

  2. Pray for our sister church, New City Fellowship: Nairobi, Kenya. Their women’s retreat this weekend drew together many woman of varying ethnic, socioeconomic and faith backgrounds to learn about and worship Jesus.

    Pray for seeds of the gospel to grow into fruitful faith that has courage to reach out to family members, friends and neighbors who don’t know Jesus. The church team and missionaries with Serge are also preparing to host summer mission interns. Pray also for the students preparing to travel to Nairobi that they will grow in faith as they serve as interns. Our many other partnerships in Africa continue to grow. Pray for the missionaries, local pastors, national workers, teachers and volunteers who serve in these ministries.

  3. Pray for MU students who went to Harmons, Jamaica for Spring Break to work with Won By One.

    May their experience on mission grow their faith and make them bold in sharing the love of Christ. Pray also for The Crossing’s student-parent annual trip to Harmons this coming June. It’s only 8 weeks away! Pray for the families that will travel and serve together to also grow in faith together through the week of this trip.

  4. Pray for the Honduras Team and the Winter Guatemala Team and for the people they served.

    May the team members continue to process their experiences in a way that strengthens their faith. May their stories move people’s hearts toward faith. May God provide local church members and ministry workers to provide for the people in need in these locations. Pray also for the summer team and they make plan and preparations for their time with ASELSI in Guatemala.

  5. Pray for campus ministries: Cru, RUF & Veritas. Each of these ministries and many others seek to reach the students on campus with the love of Christ.

    As they wrap up their semesters, pray for the gospel’s impact among students. Pray for students who are busy working toward finals while also finalizing summer plans for work, internships and missions experiences. Pray for God to sustain and grow the faith of students in these busy remaining weeks on campus and throughout their summer experiences. Pray for those who are graduating, for God to take them in faith on into the world and use them to impact it with the love and hope of Christ.

  6. Pray for Veritas Project Japan:

    May God grow the faith of our students who travel while using their service to grow the gospel witness of the team in Nagoya, Japan. May relationships grow across culture and distance that will build and reinforce faith in Christ.

  7. Pray for ministries reaching children and teens in mid-MO: Cor, Granny’s House, Coyote Hill, Great Circle, Rescue Innocence, KLife, Young Life, FCA and others.

    May God use these ministries and their volunteers to share the love of Jesus and the hope of the gospel with many kids and their families.

  8. Pray for ministries reaching families facing particular needs: Love INC, Graceful Wait, Life Network, International Community Church, Crossing Care Ministries.

    May God use these ministries and their volunteers to stand with people in times of unique need.

  9. Pray for ministries reaching and teaching men: in2Action, Men of Impact.

    May God use these ministries to reach, teach and grow men’s faith and ability to walk as leaders by the grace of Christ.

  10. Pray for our congregation this week as we consider the story of Easter: the sacrifice of Christ for our sins and the resurrection that is our sure and only hope:

    May God help all of our people see the whole of our lives through the lens of the gospel so that our neighborhoods, our workplaces, our friendships, our family tables, our coffee groups, our campuses, our carpools and our sports teams all become places to build up, support, sustain, share, encourage and cheer on love and faith in Christ and the hope of his good news.


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