Saturday, November 12, 2011

Links of the Week

Here's another spattering of articles and blogs from the internet this week which I found helpful or thought-provoking.

Advice for College Men - If you're in college or a twentysomething...or a male in general.  Here's a convicting article regarding what it takes to love a real woman. 

Ever Feel Distant from God? - A 7 minute video from one of my favorites, David Powlison.

Why Americans Won't Do Dirty Work - There are political, social, and economic themes running through this article.  They're all worth consideration.  But here's what I walked away with: I don't want entitlement and laziness to get in my way.  And the attitudes which are loathsome in this piece are certainly also present within me.

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Poverty Relief - Inspiring and thought-provoking video from the Acton Institute. 

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